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Prachanda: On Transforming the National Army

Posted by n3wday on October 21, 2008

These articles appeared on Nepal News.

The important piece of info here is that Prachanda is explaining that his party’s plans don’t include liquidating their People’s liberation Army or “merging” it into the NA. He puts forward a plan of sending key cadre and commanders into the old army (as part of its “democratization” and transformation). This appears to be a a plan for keeping an independent Maoist army, and transforming the old army. And, obviously this is a plan the reactionary army high command is very likely to resist.

New recruiting standards will be set for PLA’s entry into army: Defense Minister

Defense Minister and senior Maoist leader Ram Bahadur Thapa has said the members of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will join the national army not under the existing recruiting standards of Nepal Army (NA) but under new standards set by the yet-to-be-formed special committee.

Speaking at the Reporters Club on Saturday, Thapa said the requirements for joining the national army for PLA men should be changed in view of the current “extraordinary political situation” in the country.

He said that since the modality of ‘integration’ between NA and PLA is yet to be agreed upon at the political level, his party is ready to discuss all the options involving this issue.
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Mike Ely: Los ojos puestos en el Moabadi

Posted by Mike E on October 21, 2008

The following essay first appeared in English as “Eyes on the Maobadi: 4 Reasons Nepal’s Revolution Matters.” Thanks to Laura for this translation. If you would like to join the effort to tranlate the 9 letters to Our Comrades contact Kasama.

Please help us post and circulate this essay wherever it can reach Spanish-language readers.

Los ojos puestos en el Moabadi:

4 Razones por las cuales La Revolución Nepalí es importante

Mike Ely

Algo extraordinario está pasando. Una generación entera de personas nunca había visto un movimiento revolucionario laico radical, levantarse con apoyo popular. Y sin embargo hoy en día existe aquí en el Nepal actual. Este movimiento ha destituido al odiado Rey nepalí Gyanendra y ha abolido la monarquía medieval. Ha creado un ejército revolucionario que se mide con el ejército del Rey. Ha construido por una década un poder político paralelo de guerra de guerrillas en remotas áreas rurales, debilitando tradiciones feudales como el sistema de castas. Ha reunido un amplio apoyo popular y ha emergido como la fuerza líder de una Asamblea Constituyente sin precedente. Y todo esto lo ha hecho bajo la ideología radical comunista Maoísta, defendiendo un fresco intento al socialismo y a una sociedad sin clases alrededor del mundo.

El pueblo Nepalí llama a estos revolucionarios el Moabadí.

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Summary of Fact-Finding Report on India’s Anti-Displacement Movement

Posted by n3wday on October 21, 2008

This article was written by David Pugh and emailed to Kasama to publish. A similar article he wrote appeared in MRZine.

Summary of Fact-Finding Report on India’s Anti-Displacement Movement

David Pugh

I recently spent three weeks gathering information about the anti-displacement movement in India. As a guest of Visthapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan (People’s Movement against Displacement and for Development), I traveled across five states in central and eastern India visiting the sites of proposed industrial and mining projects, Special Economic Zones and real estate developments. I spoke with hundreds of villagers who are threatened with displacement and with many dedicated activists who are helping to organize the people’s resistance.

The villagers I spoke to, tribals, dalits (untouchables) and members of “other backward castes,” told me that the lives of their families are at stake. Rapacious industrial and mining enterprises, supported by the state and central governments, are trying to grab fertile agricultural land. When bribery doesn’t work, the industrialists and government officials send in the police and hired goons to terrorize the villagers into submission.

In return for their land, farmers are being offered paltry monetary compensation that will be gone in a year or two (villagers without land will get nothing); illusory promises of jobs in the new industries; and for a few, “relocation colonies” where they do not have enough land to farm to support their families. The result of these threatened displacements, like the displacements of the past 50 years, is the creation of millions of new landless farmers who will end up swelling the ranks of urban slum dwellers.
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