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Nepal: New Attacks on Revolutionary Soldiers

Posted by n3wday on October 24, 2008

 For obvious reasons, the reactionaries in Nepal hope that the revolutionary army can be dispersed and demoralized. They have tried to prevent the revolutionary soldiers from receiving food and pay, and they have tried to create conditions where these soldiers will just disperse back into civilian life. The survival and strengthening of this Peoples Liberation Army is a matter of life and death for the revolution in Nepal — and for the hopes of people watching this revolution.

This article appeared on Many thanks to Doug for forwarding this to us. Many newspaper accounts from Nepal are not trustworthy. We are posting it here but urge readers to treat its assertions skeptically.

Disqualified combatants to be evicted soon

Kantipur Report

DHANGADI, Oct 22 – Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Janardan Sharma on Wednesday informed that disqualified Maoist combatants, who have been residing in the Maoist cantonments across the country, will be evicted from there at the earliest.
The peace minister, who spent last night at the seventh division camp of the Maoist combatants, said so while talking to journalists at the Dhangadi Airport before returning to the capital today.

Minister Sharma, a former Maoist commander with pseudonym Prabhakar, said that the combatants who did not meet the criteria set by the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) and disqualified the verification will be released after the division cantonments concerned forward plans for their rehabilitation.

UNMIN, which has been supervising the arms and combatants of the former rebel party CPN-Maoist, last year found that only around 19,600—out of over 30,000 registered Maoist soldiers—are eligible.

Around 4,000 combatants, who were disqualified by UNMIN as they were recruited as child soldiers, are still residing at different cantonments.

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