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Just founded: Progressive Nepali Forum in the Americas

Posted by n3wday on October 26, 2008

Kasama received the following press release.

Progressive members of the Nepali community in the Americas, particularly in North America, have created an organization – the Progressive Nepali Forum in the Americas (PNEFA) – with the objective of contributing to the movement for social justice in Nepal and abroad. The organization responds to the increasing Nepali diasporic population in this part of the world.

PNEFA seeks to promote sense of social responsibility among Nepali Diaspora by providing information and analyses about discrimination and exploitation in Nepal. Most importantly, we aim to link Nepalis living abroad with the social justice movement in Nepal. We also believe the experience and information we obtain in North America is worth sharing with our fellow Nepali people, academics and organizations in Nepal for the cause of progressive transformation of Nepali society. We especially seek to support activities intended to do away with unjust social, economic and political discriminations and exploitations upon the historically marginalized, working-class Nepalis, who for so long have been excluded from the already limited avenues for development.
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Call from the Philippines: Resist U.S. Intervention!

Posted by n3wday on October 26, 2008

This article was published on the Philippine Revolution Web Central.

Resist US military intervention in the country

American troops are permanently stationed in the country, contrary to claims that they are merely visiting. Since 2001, when the Bush regime cited the Philippines as its “second front” in the US’ global terrorist war, American troops have been pushing the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to wage war against various armed groups in Mindanao and have had bigger and broader involvement in these wars as well.

American troops are involved in intelligence work, provide weapons and training to the AFP and directly participate in combat operations. Their permanent presence in the Philippines enables the US to prop up the puppet regime and protect US power in Southeast Asia.

The US invokes the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA)–an agreement it exploits and circumvents at will–to justify its troops’ continued presence in the country. The American soldiers’ permanent presence is camouflaged through “joint military exercises” that are held several times a year.
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Nepal: A Situation of “Dual Power”

Posted by Sole on October 26, 2008

This report appears on Democracy and Class Struggle

Democratic Republic or People’s Republic?

by Harry Powell

Democracy and Class Struggle is pleased to publish a report from comrade Harry Powell in Nepal.

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is engaged in a sharp two line struggle over the way forward for the Nepalese people. On one side are those, such as Comrade Kiran, who want to proceed rapidly to the establishment of a new democratic type of regime.

On the other side are those such as Comrade Prachanda, Party Chairman and Prime Minister, who seem to be envisaging a fairly long period of bourgeois parliamentary democracy which could eventually lead to some sort of new democracy.

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Nepal’s Kiran: Maoism is Our Identity, Not a Tail

Posted by Mike E on October 26, 2008

This interview mentions the “party’s tag” — by which they mean the word Maoist, that has always been part of the name of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The issue of the Party’s name is now part of a larger struggle over which road the CPN(M) will not take.
The interview was originally published by Naya Patrika Daily, October 21, 2008. It was posted online by Democracy and Class Struggle.

* * * * * *

You are considered as a hardliner in the Maoists’ Party. Tell us briefly where and on what account you differ sharply with the party?

Kiran: I feel that conspiracies are on to foil the Maoists’ established credentials. After I was released from the Indian prison, talks of artificial division in and among the hardliners and the liberals have cropped up. I think specifically the revolutionary ideology of the Maoists is being targeted deliberately. The trend has been that if one talks on ideological grounds he or she is labeled as a hardliner.

As far as differences are concerned, I do not have any objection to the party. And of myself who would always tell my mind without hesitation. However, the moot questions remain intact. There is the great danger that in the name of liberalism whether the party will loose its basic ideology? Are we forgetting our commitments? Whether our commitment to National Sovereignty is on the continuous wane? Is the party falling into the trap set by the Rightists? These are not my personal concerns, instead should be the concerns of the party as a whole?

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