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Debating Nepal’s Path Forward and Preparing a Party Congress

Posted by n3wday on October 27, 2008

The new issue of Red Star has just appeared. We will be posting a number of its most significant articles. This article appeared in the Red Star.

Editorial: Maoist Party Congress

The CPN (Maoist) is going to hold a party congress at the beginning of the next year 2009. The decision to hold a party congress has created much interest among the common people as well as party leaders, cadres, sympathizers and well wishers.

Along with debating about the federal democratic republic with multiparty competition, the CPN (Maoist) has initiated a great debate within the party. This is a new experiment; the party has allowed a two line struggle in the form of a written document before the commencement of the congress. Historically, different opinions are allowed only in party congress. It clearly shows that CPN-Maoist is in a strong position to conduct its two line struggle in a well organized way. This is a new experiment in the 21st century.

However, some of the parties and organizations are trying to drag the debate in different directions according to their class interests. Instead of helping the debate, some of the ‘communist parties’ and ‘organizations’ are intentionally trying to twist the debate unknowingly to the service of reactionaries.

In spite of all these interests, the CPN Maoist is going to conduct the debate from its cadre level, while at the moment; there are meetings at the state committee level. All the leaders and cadres are delighted. They are taking part in the discussion in the spirit of the proletarian class.

Before the party congress, the CPN (Maoist) is going to hold a central gathering in the second week of November. The debate will be held in a unified and well planned way at the coming gathering.

The congress of the CPN Maoist is historically quite different from the congress of any communist party in the world. The party is at a stage of strategic offensive. It has become victorious in a decade long People’s War and in the election of the Constituent Assembly.

In Nepal, if there is any hope and trust of the majority of the people, it is with the CPN-Maoist. The other parliamentary parties have already failed. Therefore, naturally, people have trust in the CPN Maoist. The party will be victorious in its coming congress and will lead the nation ahead by addressing the aspirations and interests of the majority of the people along with the great aspirations expressed in the decade long People’s War and the People’s Movement.

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