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Maoist holding national cadre meeting

Posted by Mike E on October 27, 2008

The new issue of Red Star has just appeared. We will be posting a number of its most significant articles. 

The largest party in the Constituent Assembly (CA), the CPN-Maoist is going to hold a national level party cadre meeting from November 9-11, 2008. About 1500 cadres up to state-level committee will be taking part in the meeting. The central committee meeting held in the first week of October has taken this decision.

The meeting is not only the continuation of the regular gatherings of cadre from around the country; the meeting is far more important than that. It is preparation for a great debate on building a revolutionary party for the next party congress at the beginning of next year. After the meeting, the party will hold local level party meetings leading up to the national congress to ensure it will be well managed.

Along with the debate on institutionalizing the federal democratic republic of Nepal, the debate will be about revolution, reformism, the parliament and the status quo. Because the CPN-Maoist is a revolutionary party as well as the leading party in the government and the largest party in the CA, the debate will naturally centre on the line and decisions of the CPN-Maoist.

All the major parties in Nepal have quite antagonistic contradictions. The leadership have to be consistent and represent the interests of their class. All the parties are discussing the fundamentals and the development of their tactical line. Most of the major parties are going to hold big party meetings soon.

The CPN-Maoist is planning to make a party unity with other revolutionary communist parties thus opening the forum for ideological and political debate. Eventually, the debate will create a new polarization according to class interests. The CPN-Maoist hopes to bring all revolutionaries under its flag.

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