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Nepal’s Prachanda: Radical Programs Coming Soon

Posted by irisbright on October 28, 2008

The people need to feel radical change

The people need very radical change

Below are three short articles from the new issue of Red Star, # 17.  They are all relevant to discussions on the path to bringing radical changes to Nepal, the struggle in the new government, and the creation of  the new constitution.  They are shown with their original titles.


Radical programs soon : PM Prachanda

PM Prachanda has reiterated his commitment to declare programs to make people feel the change in the near future.

“Even with political changes, little has changed in the daily lives of the people, we need to create an environment where every one can feel the change. The government will soon declare some radical programs” the PM said while addressing a two-day national symposium on public private partnership (PPP), 2008 in Kathmandu. Stressing the need of ending the feudal economic relations to start economic development, he said, “If we let the old system remains, we can not develop the country.”

PM Prachanda said that public private partnership is the suitable model for economic development but he clarified that it will go forward on the basis of ‘our own needs and values.’ He further added “we want to create a new model for economic development.” The CPN-Maoist has been advocating the PPP model of the economic development for some time.

While the discussion is going on in Constituent Assembly on the budget presented by the government for 2008/2009, the government is hurrying to start economic development. PM Prachanda has time and again stressed that he will do whatever is needed. Addressing the symposium, he said that the government wants to centralize PPP for mega projects. He also assured that the government is thinking of removing the legal hurdles to create a climate for investment.

Nepali Congress cries in vain

Nepali Congress (NC) is now out of the government. The NC talks about its commitment to the role of a constructive opposition. However, at the same time it is talking about revolt.

However, for a rebellion, the NC hasn’t announced its demands, slogans, policies and programs. Every NC leader has ‘rebellion’ on the tip of their tongue. The reality is that it is not in the government now. The NC in the government was used to commissions, smuggling, bribes and corruption as common practice. However, outside of the government they miss out on these things and are expressing their bitterness. In essence, they are even against the state structure of the federal democratic republic. Therefore, they are cunningly diverting the form of their hostility in a colorful way. That is, they are trying to show themselves as more ‘democratic’ and trying to paint the CPN-Maoist as ‘undemocratic’. They are the same fascist leaders who tried to suppress the People’s War by military means. They made anti-terrorist laws and massacred the common people in remote villages of the country.

Now they have forgotten about how they were kicked out of power by the then feudal king and had to compromise with the Maoists. The Nepali Congress, the anti-people party, will be chased away from the villages and towns of the nation if they dare to deceive the Nepalese people in the name of revolt. This is why, one of the Maoist members of Constituent Assembly, Jhakku Subedi, told NC leaders to rebel if people supported them. The fact is that the NC has neither the mandate to govern nor it has right to rebel against the federal democratic republic.

Pm to bring something new

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that he is going to bring something new before the Tihar Festival. He said this when he visited Far Western Nepal.

Before the Tihar festival, relief will be provided to the victims of the conflict and the families of martyrs. He said that the political nomination in the key posts of the state would be over before the Festival.

He further added that there is no necessity for a tail after the name of the Communist Party, i.e. Communist Party of Nepal; with the tail of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. He said that the CPN-Maoist is the mother party of the other Communist Parties in the country. He called on all the intellectuals and the people to be united in favour of nationality and republic. He said that the corrupted bureaucrats will be driven out and he further added: “If the government under the leadership of Maoists fails; the nation will be failure”.

Discussing his visit to foreign countries, he said that the people of those countries have also felt the change that has occurred in Nepal.

Prime Minister Prachanda said, “There is no dispute within our party, rather there is a new debate on the creation of a party”. He said that only after writing a new federal republican constitution would there be welfare for the labouring people.

To make the constitution on time, he has requested for the Nepali Congress to be involved in the national government. He claimed that there would be a miracle in this period.

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