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Red Star: Threats to the CPN(M)

Posted by irisbright on October 28, 2008

YCL distributing water / NYTimes

YCL distributing water / NYTimes

Below are three short articles from the new issue of Red Star, # 17.  They detail some threats to the CPN(M) coming from other parties and the threat of foreign intervention, and issues around the integration of the PLA into the Nepali Army.  These articles point to the difficulty of making revolution and the necessity of having state power.   They are shown with their original titles.

YCL captured two with pistol

In the meantime, as the NC is talking about rebellion, the YCL (Young Communist League) has captured two persons in Katmandu Valley in the day time. YCL has handed the two persons over the police in Lalitpur district. One of them is the resident of Katmandu and the other is from Orissa, India.

It is a big challenge to the peace process. The CPN-Maoist is being disarmed and others are arming themselves. Some analysts say that a brutal repression over Maoists is being set up in the near future.

From the feedback of news papers and FM stations, people are saying to the major parties and the government that the peace process should not be changed into a play.

UNMIN clears the role

Chief of the United Mission to Nepal (UNMIN) Ian Martin has clarified that the integration of army will be according to the measurement set up by the special committee of the Integration of Army. Martin clarified about the integration of Army in an interaction program held in 16th October in Katmandu

In the program, Martin said that the task of UNMIN in Nepal is to help the government. He added that UNMIN is ready to help according to the request of the Nepalese government.

Martin said that a new model according to the specialties of Nepal is necessary for the integration of army although there are many types of models applied before.

Martin said that the role of the UNMIN is not to assist to any particular party in Nepal. He replied to a complaint of the Nepali Congress and said that UNMIN was requested to come to help in the peace process of Nepal.

Youth Force entering into barbarism

Youth Force, the sister organization of CPN-UML, is committing serious crimes including murder. They are targeting CPN-Maoist cadres and leaders, the supporters of its sister organizations, mainly the Young Communist League (YCL). They have murdered Krishna Bdr. Bhandari, a Maoist cadre, in the day time by chasing and throwing stones at him in the Dhading district. The number of Youth Force cadres was about two hundred. They threw the dead body into a vast flowing river Trisuli.

The most notable thing is that the UML and NC strengthened their youth wings as they forwarded a demand to dissolve the Maoist YCL. On the one hand, they demanded the dissolution of the YCL as their bottom line for the peace process and the Constituent Assembly; and on the other hand, they have recruited many young people for the Youth Force.

This is the reality of the double standard that is being directed by the American and Indian ruling class. These imperialist foreign powers are trying to use a ‘red flag’ against red flag. The sincere leftists and revolutionaries, along with the progressives, should be aware about the strategy of the foreign intervention in the name of reducing the size of the Maoists in Nepal.

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