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Nepal: The Hope of Young Nepali Women

Posted by Sole on October 29, 2008

Sida/Kuuan, People of Nepal Collection

Sita/Kuuan, People of Nepal Collection

This report appears courtesy of Maoist Revolution.

Two New Nepali Women

by Harry Powell, 23/10/08

Today I visited Patan, the ancient town adjoining Kathmandu, to look at the sights. By the temples I was approached by two girls, selling bags, who talked to me about the significance of the different buildings. They seemed to know a lot about the temples so I asked them to be my guides.

One girl is a Hindu aged 15 and the other a fourteen year old Christian. The children here look to Western eyes a lot younger than they really are because a poor diet limits their growth. These two looked more like ten to eleven year olds to me. They were cleanly and attractively dressed. Both are living independently. In the first case her mother died and her father remarried but she was badly treated because her father is an alcoholic. So she left home. The younger one’s father is very old and is unable to look after her. She was living in Terai with her mother but some armed bandits came and demanded possession of their house. Her mother resisted and was shot dead. Then her daughter came to Kathmandu.

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