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Indian Maoists Forge New Alliance

Posted by irisbright on November 3, 2008

Revolutionary People's Front of Manipur

Indian Maoists forge new alliance

Maoists have a presence in 182 districts of India.

Maoist rebels in India and a leading separatist group in the country’s north-east have decided to work together, according to a statement. The rebels and the Revolutionary Peoples Front (RPF) of Manipur said
they would fight to “overthrow” India’s ruling regime.

The RPF is one of Manipur’s oldest separatist groups. It has an armed wing which attacks Indian security forces and punishes drug peddlers and woman traffickers. Formed in 1976, a number of RPF’s early leaders were trained in China.

A joint statement signed by S Gunen, the RPF secretary-general, and Comrade Alok of the underground Maoist party said they supported the “great Indian class struggle led by the Maoists against India’s semi-feudal, semi-colonial regime”. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said the Maoist insurgency is the “single biggest threat” to India’s security.

Maoists have a presence in 182 districts of India

Maoists have a presence in 182 districts of India

They operate in 182 districts in India, mainly in the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

The rebels say they are fighting for the rights of poor peasants and landless workers.

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Philippines New People’s Army Anti-Biofuels Campaign

Posted by n3wday on November 3, 2008

This article was published on Philippine Revolution.

Red Army’s anti-biofuels campaign continues

Dom Pantaleon
Pulang Mt. Talinis Front Command
New People’s Army-Southeastern Negros
October 28, 2008

The NPA will implement more preventive measure against private agri-business corporations like the Tamlang Valley Agricultural Development Corporation (TVADC) for worsening the food supply problem and causing numerous military abuses in southeast Negros.

Thus said Ka Dom Pantaleon, spokesperson of the NPA Pulang Mt. Talinis Front Command, as he announced yet another punitive action against the TVADC biofuels company mainly based in barangay Casalaan, Siaton, Oriental Negros.

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