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Indian Maoists Forge New Alliance

Posted by irisbright on November 3, 2008

Revolutionary People's Front of Manipur

Indian Maoists forge new alliance

Maoists have a presence in 182 districts of India.

Maoist rebels in India and a leading separatist group in the country’s north-east have decided to work together, according to a statement. The rebels and the Revolutionary Peoples Front (RPF) of Manipur said
they would fight to “overthrow” India’s ruling regime.

The RPF is one of Manipur’s oldest separatist groups. It has an armed wing which attacks Indian security forces and punishes drug peddlers and woman traffickers. Formed in 1976, a number of RPF’s early leaders were trained in China.

A joint statement signed by S Gunen, the RPF secretary-general, and Comrade Alok of the underground Maoist party said they supported the “great Indian class struggle led by the Maoists against India’s semi-feudal, semi-colonial regime”. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said the Maoist insurgency is the “single biggest threat” to India’s security.

Maoists have a presence in 182 districts of India

Maoists have a presence in 182 districts of India

They operate in 182 districts in India, mainly in the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

The rebels say they are fighting for the rights of poor peasants and landless workers.

3 Responses to “Indian Maoists Forge New Alliance”

  1. homepage of the RPF: … I always have the impression, that the motivation of many of the armed organisations in the North-East of India is more nationalism than social liberation

  2. Ka Frank said

    Here is a resolution on oppressed nationality struggles against the Indian state from the 9th Congress of the CPI (Maoist) in early 2007:

    India is a country of many nationalities at various phases of development. They have been struggling in different forms against the repressive and expansionist policies of the Indian ruling classes. Kashmiris and different nationalities of North-East India such as the Assamese, Nagas, Manipuris, Tripuris, etc., have been long since waging armed struggle against the Indian Government for their right to self-determination, including the right to secede from the so-called Union of India.

    The Indian ruling classes and their imperialist masters, particularly US imperialism, have been suppressing these struggles mercilessly. They are being crushed under the boots of the Indian Army stationed in various states of the north-east and in Kashmir. In Kashmir alone, the Indian military and paramilitary forces have murdered over 70,000 people in the last 16 years. A year ago, the Indian Army along with the Bhutanese Army killed hundreds of activists and supporters of the ULFA, Bodos and the KLO. However, even these most cruel repressive actions by the Indian Government could not stifle the voice of the struggling masses of these nationalities. They still continue to wage armed struggle and carry out their attacks, striking blows at the Indian armed forces.

    Of late, the Indian ruling classes have deviously begun a phase of talks with organizations leading the nationality struggles in a bid to douse the fire of these struggles with false promises and to co-opt their leadership into the existing system. They are trying to win over a section of the leadership of the struggling organizations of these nationalities and conspiring to have them oppose the struggling sections.

    However, their ploy does not seem to succeed. The ULFA has become active once again. With the Indian Government’s rejection of the Naga proposal to form a Union of Nagaland or ‘Greater Nagaland,’ the talks between NSCN and Government of India appear to be in dicey waters. Last year, the people of Manipur, especially the women waged a valiant struggle against the ‘Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act.’ The PLA too has stepped up its attacks in Manipur.

    The struggle of the Kashmiri people with the Indian forces, which has continued unabated, has generated fresh mass resentment in the wake of the Centre’s designs to hang Afzal Guru. The Kashmiri people, along with the enlightened democratic sections all over India, have raised the just demand to desist from hanging the innocent Afzal Guru. Meanwhile, the demand for separate statehood in Telengana has again gathered momentum and the Vidarbha issue too seems to be emerging.

    This Unity Congress – 9th Congress unequivocally supports the right of self-determination of all the oppressed nationalities, including their right to secede from the autocratic Indian state (which they were forced to join). The Congress condemns the ongoing state repression of nationality movements and vows to carry out a joint movement against the Indian ruling classes along with the people of different nationalities. According to the time and circumstances, it may be necessary to form a separate organization to take up the nationality issue, and we should form such organizations in accordance with the concrete situation.

    This Congress asserts that the various nationalities are independent, equal and sovereign, and that they are free to form a voluntary union based on the principle of the right to self-determination and equality. The Congress also supports the just struggles of those nationalities and sub-nationalities that demand a separate state for their development. Moreover, it also reiterates its resolve to extend all possible support to their just and democratic struggle.

  3. Green/Red Rev said

    Lal Salam! (Red Salute)
    Thanks a lot Kasama Frank for bringing out those points. At this very moment, I do not have access to a news report i read but, some years ago, due to DEMAND of many Intelectuals and Artists and so forth, one of the states in which there is strong presence of (then called Naxalites, probably People’s War Group) Maoist combatants, the government accepted an unarmed meeting of both parties. Few marvelous comrade fighters without weapons surfaced from depth of jungles, sat down with state reps and said what miserable conditions make people’s war necessary. State reps pretended sympathyzing, promised to solve the matters so cease fire would last. as soon as great comrades went back underground, somehow through them a trace was caught, and mercilessly bloody heartless Indian regime went and killed many many comrades. At Strategic Defense and Equilibrium states, i.e. when not in the higher ground, often negotiations are only useful for a temp retreat and reorgnaizations, otherwise it could be a trap.

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