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Mazumdar: The Indian People’s Democratic Revolution

Posted by irisbright on November 15, 2008

mazumdar“The Indian People’s Democratic Revolution'”was originally published in the Selected Works of Charu Mazumdar [Liberation, 1968]. This piece appears on the Marxists Internet Archive. It was originally written by Charu Mazumdar in June 1969, after helping to initiate the great Naxalbari uprising and a few years before he died under torture at the hands of the Indian police. Thanks to Behrooz Navaii for suggesting this article to us.

by Charu Mazumdar

The victory of the People’s Democratic Revolution in this country of 500 million people will lead to the inevitable collapse of world imperialism and revisionism.

The People’s Democratic Revolution in this country can be led to a victorious end only in opposition to all the imperialist powers of the world. Particularly, we shall have to reckon with U. S. imperialism, the leader of world imperialism. U. S. imperialism has not only adopted all the aggressive features of prewar Germany, Italy and Japan, but has further developed them to a great extent. It has extended its aggressive activities to all corners of the globe and has enmeshed India in its neocolonialist bondage. The Vietnamese people are in the forefront of the struggle against this aggressive imperialism, which is raging in the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The victorious Indian revolution will destroy this imperialist monster.

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Bhattarai: Speech on Nepal’s Government Planning

Posted by n3wday on November 15, 2008


This article appeared on Neil’s Nepal.

The New Federal Budget from Baburam Bhatterai

This (alternate) is the PDF version of the first Budget Speech of Maoist Finance Minster, Baburam Bhattarai. It’s far to large to repost on this site.

I must say that it’s a strange feeling reading the distinct analytical style of Baburam Bhattarai in an official government document, after becoming accustomed to it in underground sources. Memories from pouring over his PHD thesis in college come gushing back. Whatever ones opinion of his politics, this man is without a doubt the best intellect Nepal has to offer. This is a must read for anybody wishing to understand Nepal’s new direction.

Excerpts of Note:

30. The Government is committed to honoring the citizens who lost their lives, and were made disappeared during the armed conflict, and to providing relief to the families who lost their soul-mates. The families affected in such a way will be initially provided a lump-sump financial aid at the rate of Rs. 100 thousand each. Likewise, scholarships will be provided for the education of the children of those who lost their lives. I have allocated Rs. 1 billion 500 million solely for this purpose.

32. I have earmarked Rs. 12 million for the development of Living Together (SAHAJIVAN) Settlements to the families of internally displaced due to the armed conflict.

34. The outstanding monthly allowances of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army Combatants as per the agreement will be made available immediately. Now onwards, I have made a provision to distribute monthly allowances regularly. For this, I have allocated the necessary amount.
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