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AWTW: Afghanistan Security Forces Vicious & Weak

Posted by Sole on November 30, 2008



This article was shared with Kasama by A World to Win News Service

Afghan Maoists: Why the U.S.-Led Afghan Security Forces Are So Vicious, Corrupt – and Weak

24 November 2008. A World to Win News Service. The following edited and combined excerpts from issues 18 and 19 of Shola Jawid – organ of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan – is a follow-up to the article “Afghanistan’ s ‘ national’ security forces – another big problem for the people” in our 27 November news packet. The explanations in parentheses are by AWTWNS.

The military forces of the regime might seem strong, but they are completely hollow. Never before in Afghanistan’s history have occupiers organized such puppet forces. The British never attempted to form a puppet military force when they ruled Afghanistan. They just gave military and financial backing to the puppet Emirs (rulers). During the Soviet invasion, building a puppet army only went as far as training and educating a section of the high-ranking officers of the army and police, and arming these forces with weapons sold to the lackey regimes. However, the armed forces of the present puppet regime were wholly created by the occupiers. All the officers and soldiers have been trained by the occupiers and the existence and activities of these forces are totally dependent on the occupiers. Even most of their new weapons and equipment were donated by the invaders. These forces do not have their own war strategies and are fully in the service of the occupation forces and under their command.

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Indian Newsletter on Farmers’ Displacement and Resistance

Posted by irisbright on November 30, 2008

Ashoke Chakrabarty/The Hindu

Photo: Ashoke Chakrabarty/The Hindu

This is a newsletter from the International Campaign Against Forced Displacement and SEZ (Issue 4 October/November 2008) To subscribe, click here.

Campaign Against Land Grab and Forced Displacement of People


The current global financial crisis in the form of a credit-crunch is part of the regular boom and bust that humanity has been experiencing since the inception of capitalism. In Britain, Gordon Brown, when new Labour first took power in 1997, promised an end to this cycle of boom and bust with his “careful” management of the economy. Yet his economic management over a decade delivered the worst economic crisis in UK of our lives. According to some of the economic commentators it is the worst crisis capitalism has faced since the 1920’s. This crisis will be used to consolidate capitalism and expand its global control over emerging and other third world countries.

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