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Prachanda Threatens to Pull Out of Nepal Govt

Posted by Mike E on December 11, 2008

nepal_01Nepal PM threatens party pullout

By Charles Haviland
BBC News, Kathmandu

Prachanda’s Maoists came to power after a 10-year insurgency Nepal’s Maoist Prime Minister Prachanda has threatened to pull his party out of the government if the main opposition does not co-operate more.

Prachanda said the Nepali Congress was breaching agreements.

He also blamed “some foreign elements”, among others, for hampering his government, which was formed nearly four months ago.
The Maoist party came to power through the ballot box, following 10 years of insurrection in the country.

Stinging rebukes

Only in Nepal, perhaps, would the governing party threaten to launch a “struggle” and a “revolt”.

It seems that, like often before, Prachanda is speaking with one eye on party hardliners who have recently made clear their ideological differences with him; and the other on ordinary Maoist workers.

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Nepali Maoists’ National Convention: Sharp Differences Without a Party Split

Posted by irisbright on December 11, 2008

NEPAL-ELECTION-VOTE-MAOISTFrom the Report section of Red Star #19.  This article was originally titled “National convention paves the way“.

This article is one of several from Red Star on the National Convention, a major meeting on the future of the revolution in Nepal.   We are publishing these overviews of the CPN(M) National Convention to better understand the path forward of the Nepali Maoists.  This particular article focuses on party unity.

* * * * *

“Most of the cadres who had spent several years in armed struggle during decade long People’s War had serious concerns about the working-policy of the party.”

“The leaders came up with a single document that carried the slogan ‘Peoples Federal Democratic National Republic’.”

* * * * *

by Dipak Sapkota

KHARIPATI, BHAKTAPUR — The ‘People’s Federal Democratic National Republic’ is now the working policy of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The six-day long national convention of the party concluded on Nov. 26, and decided on the new policy, which in short can also be called the ‘Republic of the People’. The party went through very intensive inner struggle but, at the end, the party came out more united and galvanised.

The convention was held in Kharipati, about 15 KM from Kathmandu city. Roughly 1100 regional bureau level cadres from all 13 state committees and party central advisers took part.

‘Don’t dream of a split’

Inaugurating the convention on Nov. 21, among a throng of local and international journalists, the Party Chairman and Prime Minister of Nepal Prachanda said that he had a different feeling from previous occasions. He further added that the convention will send tremors to the ‘enemies’ who dreamt that Maoists are going to split.

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