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Prediction: Nepal Becomes People’s Republic Within 18 Months

Posted by Mike E on December 21, 2008

from Democracy and Class Struggle blog. Original title: “ Nepal will become people’s republic within one and half years: Mohan Baidya”

A senior Maoist leader and ideologue, Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran,’ has said Nepal will become a ‘people’s republic’ within one and half years. 

Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ In an interview with ‘Europeko Nepalipatra‘ ), a weekly newspaper published from London, Baidya said the main question now was how to draft a new constitution. “We have got one and half years available to draft this constitution. First we have to look at this time frame, second the new constitution has to be framed on the basis of the ‘tactics’ adopted by our party, and the third is all leftist, patriotic and pro-people forces have to unite.” 

“After that, Nepal will become a ‘people’s republic’ within one-and-half-years,” said Baidya. Responding to another query, Baidya–known as a hardliner within the Maoists–said his party had earlier given the slogan of ‘democratic republic.’

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Youth Wing of CPN(M): Heart of the People

Posted by irisbright on December 21, 2008

YCL in Kathmandu

YCL in Kathmandu

This article is from Red Star #19. It was originally titled “Will Congress dissolve Tarun Dal?”

The question of the Young Communists League, the youth wing of the CPN(M), is relevant to any discussion of their path forward–much like the question of army integration.  The CPN(M) is being pressured by the Nepali Congress and other bourgeois forces to control it’s ‘unruly’ youth  by abolishing their organization–in other words, cripple the party’s recruitment, militancy and mass participation.  The YCL has taken a central role in making Kathmandu neighborhoods safe, enforcing the law and making sure people’s basic needs for water and sanitation are met.  The energy for radical progress and revolutionary solutions can be sustained and fueled by enthusiastic young communists.  A brief defense of their continued existence, and the need to make serving the people a focus of politics, is presented here.

by Choodamani Oli ‘Adarsh’

Young Communist League (YCL), Nepal is the sister organization of the CPN-Maoist. This is a youth organization in Nepal. It has brought big changes in the ideological, political, organizational and cultural fields to Nepal. It is the popular organization which worked with people to combat crimes in the society and liberated them from the repression and exploitation. It has freed the people from gangs of dacoits, thieves and the goons locally and nationally. Therefore, it is the only organization to serve the people in the whole country. It is the heart of the people.

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Nepal: Government Forms Land Reform Commission

Posted by n3wday on December 21, 2008

nepal-landless-childThis article was published by Nepal News.

Govt forms Land Reform Commission

The government has formed high-level Land Reform Commission headed by Haribol Gajurel, a Maoist leader.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers today decided to form the seven-member commission. Read the rest of this entry »

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