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Prediction: Nepal Becomes People’s Republic Within 18 Months

Posted by Mike E on December 21, 2008

from Democracy and Class Struggle blog. Original title: “ Nepal will become people’s republic within one and half years: Mohan Baidya”

A senior Maoist leader and ideologue, Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran,’ has said Nepal will become a ‘people’s republic’ within one and half years. 

Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ In an interview with ‘Europeko Nepalipatra‘ ), a weekly newspaper published from London, Baidya said the main question now was how to draft a new constitution. “We have got one and half years available to draft this constitution. First we have to look at this time frame, second the new constitution has to be framed on the basis of the ‘tactics’ adopted by our party, and the third is all leftist, patriotic and pro-people forces have to unite.” 

“After that, Nepal will become a ‘people’s republic’ within one-and-half-years,” said Baidya. Responding to another query, Baidya–known as a hardliner within the Maoists–said his party had earlier given the slogan of ‘democratic republic.’

“Nepal has already become a (democratic) republic, hence that ‘slogan’ has become obsolete. Now we have given a new slogan of ‘people’s republic,'” he said.
Baidya further said that though his party was leading a coalition government, it would continue to wage struggles in the street, in the parliament and in the government. “Of them, street agitation should be our main strategy. There are a lot of major issues in the streets including protecting national sovereignty. Border encroachment continues. There have been wrong type of treaties and understandings related to Susta and Kalapani, these should be scrapped,” he added. Saying that foreign intervention and interference had intensified in Nepal,  

Baidya said a ‘nationalist movement’ had become necessary to end all sorts of intervention. Baidya said peasants, workers, landless people, former ‘kamaiyas,’ families of martyrs and those injured during previous movements should all take to the street and pressurise the government. “Similarly, our comrades who are in the Constituent Assembly should also engage in a movement while remaining alert on the issue of writing a new constitution in favour of people,” he said. “If we can’t launch such a movement, another force will take to the streets tomorrow. If those forces take to the street, they can bring down this government, disturb the drafting of the new constitution and bring anarchy in the country,” he warned. “So, we want to move ahead by intervening in all three areas (street, parliament and the government),” he added. 

Responding to another question, Mr Baidya said his party was indeed trying to ‘finish off’ the parliamentary democracy.

“The parliamentary system has failed to address the problems being faced by the country. It has failed. There is no future for those who want to go to the parliamentary democracy,” he declared.
Baidya further said if obstructions were placed in the efforts towards building new Nepal, people will launch a struggle and CPN (Maoist) is the only party that can provide leadership to the (people’s) struggle. “Finally, we will be able to build new Nepal,” he concluded.

9 Responses to “Prediction: Nepal Becomes People’s Republic Within 18 Months”

  1. RedDali said

    “”Victory is possible even without international help.” This is a mistaken idea. In the epoch in which imperialism exists, it is impossible for a genuine people’s revolution to win victory in any country without various forms of help from the international revolutionary forces, and even if victory were won, it could not be consolidated.”

    There are no international revolutionary forces – in fact, the wild exuberance of foreign reaction parades and stomps around in every corner of the globe. The present stage of the revolution confines it to economic adolescence, and if the program of a people’s republic is carried out under the current social conditions, it seems probable that isolation would likely follow.

  2. Jose M said

    Wow, this is historic!

    I don’t want to get all worked up over an article, but, if this is coming from a leading party official, I think there is some credibility.

    And then it will be the first socialist state in my lifetime (and hopefully not the last)!

    I am glad the CPN-M has taken this path.

  3. Green/Red Rev said

    Ka Red Dali,
    I have to agree with Ka Jose M. why does victory always have to pop up perfcet and with all supplying sources? They have taken a keen path to legitimize their course of activities in the future and, it is much more realistic than say 1917 or 1959

    Plase evade being nihilistic comrade.

  4. emil said

    you cant believe everything that you read.

  5. Jaroslav said

    “Victory is possible even without international help.” — Where is this quote from? It is not in the above article. As such I don’t know the context, but a more forgiving interpretation is that CPN(M) is using its diplomatic language, where phrases like ‘international help’ or ‘the international community’ refer to foreign governments rather than people in general.

    But I definitely agree with Emil’s sentiment, ‘you cant believe everything that you read.’ Even if Kiran is 100% sincere in his pronouncement, it is only a prediction of the unknown future, not a report on current or past actual event.

  6. RedDali said

    It’s “On the People’s Democratic Dictatorship” – Mao was referring to the Soviet loans and developmental aid. Mao realized that international capitalism (i.e. imperialism) has linked countries together and created an integrated global economy through trade and investment transactions.

    And yes, it’s nothing but a prediction. It’s quite possible that Kiran is saying this for pragmatic reasons. It’s not nihilistic to notice that if they took over the big banks and big industrial and commercial enterprises right away (or even in minor increments) they wouldn’t have the productive capacity to sustain themselves from regional isolation.

    Nepal is different than China, or Russia. Let’s remember that.

  7. Green/Red Rev said

    With all due respect to Lenin and Chairperson Mao and, fellows who have initited this/eez sites; i bring to your attention that best fighters are not best builders.

    Not hundred percent of what independent fellows say ’bout “great leap forward” is incorect. and remember, original Marx writing about dictatorship of proletariat was only the Paris Commune essay. True, Lenin was a brave and keen human loving fellow, but with all due respects to Mao/Stalin/ etc., i would say look at what they did and what happened next. Who is Ms/Mr proletariat? for example in the US, Union leaders happen to be people who don’t work in the field per se, is party the proletariat?

    Optimism of comrade Kiran is rightous to say positive since, we are supposedly “Materialist Dialectitians,” but, saying about what happpens next (historical materialism) is a Prophecy by definition. and being a Prophet, or optimist of future, has more to do with more fundamental discussions of Determinism vs Will of the individual (See plekhanov’s on individual’s role in history)
    and comrade Jaroslav was very correct since, i searched for those quotations too. But in and of it all, need from outside (see Trotskyte’s arguments about vs Socialism in one country/internationalism) it all comes down to we need practical Nationalism with Socialist planned economy.; nothing to do with NAZI’s name. if be it China, India, Venezuela or the US, whoever who gives the best deal for the people of Nepal’s interest matter. And the immediate matter only shows through practice. in the “great leap forward,” folks copied what Stalin did who was supporting a Lamarcian evolutionist not a Darwinian one (name cannot recall) Their bottom line thought is if trees are taller, just pull the horse’s neck and the next generation have taller neck like Zhirapheys (sic?) point of the matter is, things don’t happen overnight. if you make them happen to fast, you’re making a disposable system. Chair Mao called for metal from everywhere. stupedist metalogist would tell you that mixing too many different metals that naturaly each have their own value (i.e. heat to be melted, strenght, reaction to different tempreture…) thus why should a good warrior always be considered the best country builder? Blaming a system failure on a “coup de tat” is like conspiracy theorist talking. there’s Murphy’s law. if you don’t do it right (by people’s own participation in the process of changing their society in reaction/interference with the world out there status quo to make decision) it comes down to “leadership failure”. Mao goes, Deng comes, boom? that’s nonesense. Learn from Zapatistas, that for every decision making, let’s talk with all masses elder/leaders and if it takes long so be it, since when there is consent, be it win or victory, people will know it was their collective failure, hence cannot be blamed on the party/individual. and if it brings welfare and life to all, that would be more appreciated, since people were more envolved.

  8. future's ours said

    To Green/Red Rev: If you want to blame Mao for everything that went wrong in the Big Leap Forward, please read Mobo Gao’s “Battle for China’s Past” first. He’ll tell you that many accusations against Mao are actually untrue.

    As of the Zapatistas, I really don’t think that if you ask all the members of your group, than your decision will be wiser. Sometimes good decisions come from expertise, firmness in principles, willfulness. And really some people have more of that than others. That’s where leadership comes.

  9. Green/Red Rev said

    Thanks for the Mobo Gao’s, I put that in agenda and respond later but, on Zapatistas I said :

    Zapatistas, that for every decision making, let’s talk with all masses elder/leaders and if it takes long so be it, since when there is consent, be it win or victory, people will know it was their collective failure, hence cannot be blamed on the party/individual. and if it brings welfare and life to all, that would be more appreciated, since people were more envolved.

    all masses’ elder/leaders was reference to tribe leaders, i missed putting the ‘ and talked about Consent not anarchy!


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