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Youth Wing of CPN(M): Heart of the People

Posted by irisbright on December 21, 2008

YCL in Kathmandu

YCL in Kathmandu

This article is from Red Star #19. It was originally titled “Will Congress dissolve Tarun Dal?”

The question of the Young Communists League, the youth wing of the CPN(M), is relevant to any discussion of their path forward–much like the question of army integration.  The CPN(M) is being pressured by the Nepali Congress and other bourgeois forces to control it’s ‘unruly’ youth  by abolishing their organization–in other words, cripple the party’s recruitment, militancy and mass participation.  The YCL has taken a central role in making Kathmandu neighborhoods safe, enforcing the law and making sure people’s basic needs for water and sanitation are met.  The energy for radical progress and revolutionary solutions can be sustained and fueled by enthusiastic young communists.  A brief defense of their continued existence, and the need to make serving the people a focus of politics, is presented here.

by Choodamani Oli ‘Adarsh’

Young Communist League (YCL), Nepal is the sister organization of the CPN-Maoist. This is a youth organization in Nepal. It has brought big changes in the ideological, political, organizational and cultural fields to Nepal. It is the popular organization which worked with people to combat crimes in the society and liberated them from the repression and exploitation. It has freed the people from gangs of dacoits, thieves and the goons locally and nationally. Therefore, it is the only organization to serve the people in the whole country. It is the heart of the people.

Now, the Constituent Assembly is working to institutionalize the federal democratic republic. Just before election, there was uncertainty in the process and the success of the election. YCL, at that time, played a vital role to maintain peace and security to make the poll a success. It led the country forward. Many people think of it as a miraculous task. Unless the YCL had not played such an important role in the CA election; the polls would not have succeeded so well and there could have been a disaster. The opposition parties only accuse the YCL; but at the same time, they do not want even to see and evaluate the historic task of YCL.

Girija Prasad Koirala is again calling for the YCL to be dissolved, however he does not think about his party’s [Nepali Congress] own youth organization, the ‘Tarun Dal’. Is he ready to dissolve his own youth wing? All the other parties and organizations should take it seriously because is this demand not directed to dissolve of federal democratic republic?

Girija Prasad Koirala’s demands against the YCL are against the aspirations of the Nepalese people. Along with it, he is also against democratic norms and the values. If his undemocratic version is accepted, he will urge to dissolve party tomorrow and he will make a plan to suppress the people of the country by blaming Communists. Koirala is the spokesmen of the status quo and the regressive forces.

The Nepalese people are not ready to be cheated and betrayed by an outdated undemocratic bourgeois ideology; rather they are ready to die for liberty and equality. If GP Koirala is honest to the democracy he speaks so much about, then let him take action against the notorious murderer Khum Bdr. Khadka, a member of his own party, the Nepali Congress.

4 Responses to “Youth Wing of CPN(M): Heart of the People”

  1. ametya said

    A misleading article.

    YCL is not the heart of people. Surely, it may be the heart of Maoist but one thing should be clear that Maoist not only represent the whole people of Nepal.

    YCL is a collection of uneducated, illetrated and unemployed youths of Maoist. It only knows how to do fight, not properly know how to deal with matters and events.

    This kind of sister organization of parties don’t do anything to any youth. They just do use of youth.

  2. Green Red Rev said

    Ametya, do you mean the educated who could read and write and have life insurance and business are the heart of the people?

    Do you really believe the kind that was overthrown or the congress party cares more about the future, hunger, poverty of the peoples residing in India’s semi colony or, might they have class interests?

    Youth organization, women organization, workers organizations are Mass Organizations for the interst of the majority or every nation exploited in class society or, please prove me I am wrong.

    On poetic/symbolic relevence of the word heart:
    be it from Plato and C.S. Lewis definitin of love up to Eric to …, love and heart are symbols of more than one sentiment. But let’s really dig into Heart relation.

    What does Heart stand for?

    Heart beats for what and, for what it might beat faster and so on?

    From Eros side it is desire, right? but food and desire and the fundamental elements of every living being as i can tell for Nutrition and Reproduction.

    Where you ever a father/mother? I am sure that during reproductive relations fed by desire heart beats faster. But what about your kids are crying for hunger, joblessness of yours, their getting sick or tortured and terrorized by greedy capitalists and imperialists it is not a 30 seconds or five mintues things. Family, at least as far as post agricultural revolution, i.e. post hunting and gathering period has been one way or another the basic unit of society and, parents heart beats for their kids future, and themselves. Unless you’re talking about severely post modernist – class diluted pseudo human looking fellows i don’t want to around our hood. But if you accept that family is the base of the society and kids, their future are the heart of the family – the beating one, and not always the mind maker – but still vital, and they certainly are the heart of Maoism, then cool. we ought to be Maoist.

    but: The YCL has taken a central role in making Kathmandu neighborhoods safe, enforcing the law and making sure people’s basic needs for water and sanitation are met. The energy for radical progress and revolutionary solutions can be sustained and fueled by enthusiastic young communists.

    This, if true, I don’t know and cannot true, gives it another dimenstion too, right? If correct, then we have Water and Sanitation HAVEs and HAVE NOTs. is it worth fighting for? Does it matter to you?

    Please explain.
    With due regards
    and best wishes for all humanity’s oppressed and needy and, rightous ones including you, if you have feelings for that

  3. Ametya said

    Life can’t be felt through reading life related books, one has to live for that. Similar case to you sir, To know what is YCL’s position in Nepalese peoples’ heart you have to come to Nepal and live as a normal nepali people .

    Ya, it’s true that in recent times it is becoming silent but just few times earlier it was like a criminal league.

    And one thing sir, To change someone something has to be changed and that something means system, but poor YCL are focusing on someone not the system.

    By doing cleaning, taking participation on sanitation process etc do u think are they doing great job for nepalese people ????
    Even a small but solid change makes a great value not such small and not worthy tasks

    In the involvement of YCL, many criminal activities are being done. Not only that, some foreigners have been even beated by them since they refuse to give donation to Maoist. Many people have been murdered in the direct involvement of YCL .

    It seems that the author has created this article only listening Maoist point of view and thinking YCL through positive side only.

    Try to analyse YCL through +VE and -VE both eyes, you will find negative things more than the positive in the comparision.

  4. Green Red rev said

    Regarding conditions there I really have no say as you said.

    Still, sir/madam, you could lecture me about crimes. Have you heard of drug dealers? have you heard of thieves?

    Compare drug dealers with Oil Corporations. And the thieves with junk selling companies.

    I used to work at a TARGET store. When there was slightest thing wrong with an item/its box or the item itself, we would put it into a machine to break it. Destroy it. And when none sold, the making company got no money either.

    Couldn’t they give them away if they weren’t slightly out of shape?

    No. Since in that case, those poor ones wouldn’t buy a good one. Companies don’t care how they steal. They just do.

    Nevertheless, I confess if you are there, you see more than me. That is true. But from what class interest are you looking?

    Are they using the Youth? for what? In many Asian countries – check Pakistan as an example – under aged labor are used. A man owes a loan giver lots of money and that loan giver takes away his daughter as a full time – 18, 20 hours – carpet making worker.

    Of course a revolutionary communist party has usage for their youth organization. What it is? Me no say. Ask the party itself.

    The last name of Eric I named is Eric Fromm (sic?)

    But beside anything else, thank you for your fair and civil manner of writing. Without taking any side, i find your writing worthy to think about since, you wrote words, not for insulting, nor for bullying, but tried making a point. On that, I salute you.

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