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Red Star: Our Experence & Expectation With Transition

Posted by irisbright on December 22, 2008

jumperFrom the Opinions section of Red Star #19.

by  Rajan Prasad Pokhrel

When the elites of the world are speaking about peace, development and democracy, we are working hard on truce, talks and transitions. We have our own pains and sorrows, hopes and aspirations and dreams and desires. We are languishing here with a forlorn hope thinking that the top is much easy and the other side of the hill is full of strawberries and water- melons. With a hope of coming to an easy path, we fought against the tyranny and despotism of the feudal regime for more than sixty years. Sometimes it came openly out and sometimes played pawns from the back, but it ruled, it oppressed and suppressed all movements of freedom and growth. Every time we fought, failed or rested, we said that we are in the phase of transition. Through all these sixty years of our fights and movements, we have had transitions after transitions, transitions within transitions and every time when the transition too failed without the achievement of any significant change, we consoled ourselves by saying that the change is only the thing that is constant and permanent in this world, and nobody can stop it.

After the pro-people democratic movement in 2006, we have again been going through an important transitional period of history in Nepal. This time the transitional period is full of confusions, uncertainties, and, inconsistencies. The political atmosphere is hazy and indecisive. The road of politics is full of quick sands and quagmires. There are cliffs and ditches all around. Now we realize that despite few limitations and weaknesses, the ten years people’s war was a system, an order, and a solution to many problems of the people. The ten years’ people’s war had established people’s power, and it had the straight clashes with the old rotten feudal system. We came to a halt and negotiation at the point when people were very close to capture the political power for drastic changes in all existing political, economic, social and cultural structures. This time again people’s most powerful uprising was deceived. It could have been launched further to a wider road of freedom and democratic practices. In that case, it would have swept away all previous feudal connections and modes of productions.

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