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Maoist Woman Elected Assembly Vice Chair

Posted by irisbright on December 23, 2008


Photo: BBC

From Red Star #19.

Purna Subedi has been elected vice-chairperson of the constituent assembly (CA). She is also a member of the Constituent Assembly from CPN-Maoist.

Subedi won the election when the CPN (Maoist), the CPN (UML), People’s Front Nepal, Sadhbawana Party and other small left parties supported her. She received two-third vote.

After victory, she informed media persons that she is able to play the responsible role given to her. She says, “I am ready to accomplish my task impartially”. Clarifying the challenges before her, she says, “The principal thing is to have the ambition, the will, the expectations and mandate of the people given to the CA”.

According to her, the status-quo tendency has been the main obstacle in fulfilling the expectations of the People. The tendency of status-quo only presents the showy and pretended behavior and plots against progressive steps.

“To break the barricades, all the parties should be ready to accomplish the expectations of the people for peace and change”, she says. “Though the parties have their own different opinions and ideals, the will of the majority of the people is to institutionalize the Federal Democratic Republic, and this is the solid foundation of our success.”

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