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Nepal: ‘Plain Living’ codes for Maoist Politicians

Posted by n3wday on December 2, 2008

74485815_12f37e6035_bAs Maoists entered the capital Kathmandu and took up leading posts in society, there were criticisms from the ranks of their party that some cadre seemed to be adopting the lifestyle and culture of urbanize politicos (who are hated for their corruption and isolation from the people). Mao described the communist style as “plain living, hard struggle.” This article was published by Nepal News.

Maoists introducing ‘codes for simple living’ for their CA members

The Maoists are introducing code of ethics detailing ‘simple lifestyle’ for its Constituent Assembly (CA) members, reports Kantipur daily.

The daily reports that the codes include restriction on spending in mobile phones, vehicles and clothes.

Henceforth, the Maoist CA members would not be permitted to buy mobile sets worth over Rs 10,000. While central committee members will be allowed to keep three sets, the CA members will have to keep not more than two sets.
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