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Nepal: United Front Against Reactionary Forces

Posted by Sole on January 20, 2009

(Nepal Constituent Assembly 2008)

(Nepal Constituent Assembly 2008)

This article appeares in the latest issue of Red Star (Issue 21) under the title, “Opening of a New Front”.

by Red Star reporter

After the election of Constituent Assembly and the formation of the elected government, the suitability of the 12-point understanding has ended. The political parties are divided into establishment and the opposition. However, the mandate of the people is to institutionalize the Federalism in place of unitary monarchy.

Nepali Congress and other parliamentary parties are trying to reestablish the dirty parliamentary culture through its continuous hurdles before the government. The government has not been able to implement even minimum programmes of reform and relief. Reactionaries are trying to encircle CPN-Maoist.

The opposite activities and the division of the parties in to establishment and opposition has polarized the parties in to two antagonistic poles. Instead of helping the government in a creative way, the opposition is trying to lead the situation in to confrontation. The foreign powers, mainly India and America, are backing them to push the country in to civil war. These reactionaries want to declare Nepal as a failure country and interfere in the internal affairs of the country. These imperialist powers are in a master plan to encircle china and make Nepal an international playground.

The regressive and the reactionaries are reacting in every ordinary step that the government starts. The struggle has been started in another form. To resist against these reactionary steps, CPN-Maoist has opened a new front for struggle, which includes the fronts of government, Constituent Assembly and the Street. The party will handle these fronts in a united way.

This type of new front was not opened in the history of communist movement. Explaining the suitability of the front, Com. Prachanda says, “The front has been opened according to the aspiration and the mandate of the people.” In the party classes organized in the various parts of the country, Chairman Com. Prachanda gave directive to the cadres to involve in the struggle and carry it to the level of the people.

The cadre will be mobilised in a awareness programme for nationality, people’s republic and their livelihood. The cadre will help the people to implement the budget programme in local areas. For this, a broader united front among leftist, progressive, nationalist and the democratic forces will be formed for local level to the central level.

The budget will be provided in local level till the second week of January. The programme, which will cause to feel something new among the people, will start then. After the implementation of budget in the local level, the conspiracies of the reactionaries will be smashed. CPN-Maoist has announced that the implementation of budget will defeat the domestic reactionaries and the street front will defeat the foreign invaders.

In charge of the organization bureau Com. Kiran claimed that the front of the street will be the main. This street front will be a strong support and help to the other two fronts of the government and the front of the Constituent Assembly.

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