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Indian Maoists Analyse Attacks on Mumbai

Posted by Sole on January 23, 2009

This article appeared in People’s Truth Bulletin No. 4. It was originally titled “Attacks in Mumbai — Causes and Solution“.

Analysis of the Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai

Attacks in Mumbai — Causes and Solution

We weep not for the death of the corrupt and fascistic police officers but for the innocent citizens of Mumbai wantonly killed in the attack of Nov. 26th. We weep not for the Tatas, Oberois and other big wigs of India and abroad but for the innocent employees and professionals caught in the cross-fire between the Islamic militants and the Indian State. The taking of innocent lives will not put an end to the terror of the US gangsters and their Indian stooges aimed at the people in general and Muslims in particular. The target of any just movement must be the very perpetrators of the evil and their political and financial backers.

On Nov.26th Islamic militants, it appears from Pakistan and POK, launched on a sophisticated attack in many places of Mumbai killing an estimated 250 people and injuring over 500, a number of which were foreigners. The main focus of the attack was the two most elite hotels of Mumbai, Taj and Oberoi, and the Israeli center, Nariman House. They shot also randomly at people at the VT station and also at the neighboring Cama hospital. Around the Metro station (1 Km from VT) they shot and killed ATS (anti-terrorist squad) chief, Karkare, ACP, Ashok Kamte and ‘encounter specialist’ Salaskar. In the battle at the Taj a major and Havildar of the NSG were killed. In all it was reported that at least 16 police/NSG men were killed. Reportedly 9 of the militants were killed and one was arrested in an injured state.

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Maoist Guerillas Fight Hindu Fascism in Orissa

Posted by Sole on January 23, 2009

This article appeared in People’s Truth Bulletin No. 4. It was originally titled “Beat Back the Fascist Onslaught in Orissa”.

by Ujjwala

The recent and ongoing violence on Dalit Christians in Kandhamal once again highlights the need to fight the fascist Hindutva forces and thoroughly exposes the governments, both central and state. The state and central government’s refusal to restrain fanatic Hindu militias evidences their linkage with Hindutva (BJP), soft Hindutva (Congress), and the capitulation of a section of civil society to Hindu majoritarianism. The current violence started immediately after the killing of the notorious goon in saffron, Lakshmanand Swamy, a VHP leader who was working in this area for more than 30 years solely for the consolidation of the Hindutva forces. He along with his four associates was shot dead by the people’s guerillas on 23rd of August 2008.

The people’s guerillas had left a note on the spot explaining the reasons behind the elimination of Lakshmananda Saraswati and stated “We have decided to punish anti-people, fanatical leaders like Saraswati because of endless persecution of religious minorities in the country. There will be more such punishments if violence is continued against religious minorities in the country.” In spite of this clear statement, Hindutva forces used this incident to carry out massacres on Dalit Christians holding them responsible. Whenever the anti-displacement leaders and activists are branded as Maoists, the Sangh Pariwar people are the first ones to join the chorus. They also demand firm action against such leaders and activists. But in this case even after the Maoists owning the responsibility, they are not willing to believe this as these cowardly gangsters are afraid to confront the naxalites and prefer to hit soft targets, like Christian priests, women and children.

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