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Maoists Pledge Rebellion For Revolutionary Constitution

Posted by n3wday on January 24, 2009

NEPAL-ELECTION-VOTE-MAOISTThanks to the Maoist Revolution list for making this available.

Nepal Maoist pledge for revolutionary constitution “The Revolution continues and that for the proper conclusion of the Maoists’ led revolution, drafting of a revolutionary constitution is a must”.

A Maoist party high level meeting currently in progress in Kathmandu since Friday January 16, 2008, decided to take necessary steps towards achieving the objective of drafting a revolutionary constitution right being in the Government, in the Constituent Assembly and also from the streets.

“To make the Maoists’ tenure in government a successful one and to draft a People’s oriented revolutionary Constitution we need to take actions right being in the government, in the Constituent Assembly and if need be take to the streets”, the Maoists meeting decided after unanimously accepting a political proposal.

The meeting was first of its kinds after the much-publicized unity between the Maoists’ Party and the Unity Center-Masal recently took place.

The political proposal passed by the united Maoist party declares that the Maoists’ led rebellion must continue until the drafting of a revolutionary constitution.

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