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Nepal: The End of Bonded Labor

Posted by n3wday on January 29, 2009

slaves-copyThis article was originally published in the Red Star. Many thanks to for making it available.  It was originally titled “The end  of bonded labour custom.”

The end of bonded labour custom
Menka Chaudhary

The Kamlari custom in Nepal has existed for a long time. Under this custom, the daughters of the Tharu community were sent to feudal lords or landlords as a guarantee for a debt. They work in the houses of the landlords until they are married or marriageable age. Most of them are victims of sexual exploitation.

The Kamlari custom is a hang over of slavery. This custom still exists from Dang, Banke, Bardia, Kailali to Kanchanpur districts. It is a tradition. According to the custom, the parents of Tharu indigenous tribe send their daughters to work in the houses of landlords for one year after the celebration of their biggest festival Maghi. Every year the members of the family of Tharu tribe get together and celebrate the Maghi festival. In this festival, the daughters have a formal right whether they want to go to the house of the same landlord or not. However, due to their economic and social status, the daughters are forced to go to the same landlord’s house or to other landlords. They have no other alternative other than to choose the landlords. But they have to go.

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Prachanda: Nepal’s People Will Seize Power!

Posted by n3wday on January 29, 2009

nepal-big-red-flagThis article was published in the Red Star. Many thanks to BannedThought.Net for making it available.

by Prachanda

When we were in People’s War for the political and social transformation, the enemies of the people had thought to assassinate us and end the process of social transformation at that time. However, Nepalese people, the justice loving people, did not support their plot and plan to be unimplemented. People’s War, rather, developed into its leap, one after another, and advanced forward to smash the hundreds of years of feudal reign.

After we entered into the peace process, the reactionary elements, inside and outside the country, had thought that CPN-Maoist would have split into three fragments. However, their “dream” smashed and failed within a few days. This shows that their prediction was empty and hypocrisy. CPN-Maoist advanced ahead with its strong unity.

A few days ago, some of the leader of the parliamentary parties publicly addressed that the CPN-Maoist-led Government will fall down due to its weaknesses. Along with it, they made many conspiracies to abort the process of unity between CPN-Maoist and CPN-Unity Centre-Masal. Nevertheless, in the course of time, we have unified and the reactionaries have become smashed. This unity is the example of the victory of all the revolutionary forces and the defeat of all the reactionary forces. Thus, unity is a great leap in the revolutionary continuation. This is a new victory of the Nepalese people against the anti-people forces. Read the rest of this entry »

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