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Prachanda: Nepal’s People Will Seize Power!

Posted by n3wday on January 29, 2009

nepal-big-red-flagThis article was published in the Red Star. Many thanks to BannedThought.Net for making it available.

by Prachanda

When we were in People’s War for the political and social transformation, the enemies of the people had thought to assassinate us and end the process of social transformation at that time. However, Nepalese people, the justice loving people, did not support their plot and plan to be unimplemented. People’s War, rather, developed into its leap, one after another, and advanced forward to smash the hundreds of years of feudal reign.

After we entered into the peace process, the reactionary elements, inside and outside the country, had thought that CPN-Maoist would have split into three fragments. However, their “dream” smashed and failed within a few days. This shows that their prediction was empty and hypocrisy. CPN-Maoist advanced ahead with its strong unity.

A few days ago, some of the leader of the parliamentary parties publicly addressed that the CPN-Maoist-led Government will fall down due to its weaknesses. Along with it, they made many conspiracies to abort the process of unity between CPN-Maoist and CPN-Unity Centre-Masal. Nevertheless, in the course of time, we have unified and the reactionaries have become smashed. This unity is the example of the victory of all the revolutionary forces and the defeat of all the reactionary forces. Thus, unity is a great leap in the revolutionary continuation. This is a new victory of the Nepalese people against the anti-people forces.
We are now advancing ahead through the critical situation. In this period, we have a great responsibility to institutionalize and transfer the declared republic in to People’s Democratic republic. We want to carry the original Peace Process, brought by Nepalese people, in to a logical end. It will be the correct way for national sovereignty and independency. We want to write a constitution, which protects the rights and benefits of the peasants and the workers, through the constituent assembly. To accomplish the historical task, we have no other weapon than the unity of the Nepalese people and unity of the revolutionary communist parties. The more the reactionaries hatch conspiracies against Nepalese people and the Maoist party, the more unity and the resistance power the Nepalese people get. The declaration of the new unity is the result of the same process.

Some of the leaders of the other political parties think and say that the declaration of the federal republic is only the result of 19-day people’s movement. That is a big misconception. It was impossible to declare republic without the victory of a decade long Peoples War. Was the declaration of federal republic possible without the sacrifice of the best sons and the daughters of the Nepalese people? We should realize the truth. No one can be a communist who does not accept the historic role of the People’s War.

The present peace process has been achieved by armed fighting. It has not been achieved by surrendering and begging. The peace process is the fruit of fight. To make the peace process success, it is necessary for the Nepalese people to be conscious and agitative. Certainly, the hundred years old monarchy has been ended. However, the monarchy rooted in all the mechanisms of the state power has not been ended. To end the monarchy from all the sectors and the mechanisms of the state power, people should stand up.

In the 21st century, a probability is available here that formation of single revolutionary party is possible in Nepal. Through the sacrifice and the co-work of the Nepalese people, a reliable and the convincing ground has been made, which provides the foundation to the communists to be united under the single revolutionary centre. On the other, there is no alternative power than communist to protect the national sovereignty and the independency. In this occasion, I would like to appeal the entire leftist, progressive and the patriotic forces to be united into single revolutionary front.

The present government is not the continuation of the same parliamentary government of the past. It is neither the repetition of the old government.  This is an elected government after a big revolutionary change.

There will be two misfortunes if the present government falls down.

First, the future of the Nepalese people and Nepal will de lost into darkness.

Second, a big hurricane of the struggles will come and people will capture the state power if the ‘kings’, feudal lords and their puppets try to overturn the present government in the assistance of the foreign powers. At that time, no power will be able to stop the struggle and nobody will be there to reject the result of the struggle.

We are now sailing in the same boat since 12-point understanding. If someone tries to make hole in the boat, we all will downed with the boat. Therefore, we struggle against the reactionary tendency and the status quo to carry the peace process into logical end.

In the past, we fought against monarchy and brought federal republic. Now, we are going to write a new constitution. Certainly, there will be debate and discussion for making a constitution. The debate will be on either the People’s Republic or the republic of the enemies of the people. The debate will be either the democracy for comprador, bureaucrat and the feudal lords or the peasants and the workers. The debate will be either advance ahead or go back to continue status quo.

People should be in continuous struggle. The struggle is for the victory in the constituent assembly. The peace process will meet an incident if there is no struggle against the enemies of the people.

The present unity between two revolutionary communist parties is the process towards making single centre of revolutionary communists, uniting the power of the Nepalese people against all the reactionaries, building the foundation to accomplish the remaining revolution to its goal. We will be able to give some of the contribution to the human being and the proletarian class from Nepalese land.


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