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Kiran: Threatening “Another Bend” in the Street Struggle

Posted by n3wday on February 8, 2009

Nepal Maoists Street Demonstration in KatmanduThis article was published by the Red Star. Thanks to Banned Thought for making this available. The original title was “The street struggle is connected with the peace process”

by Kiran

How are you evaluating the unity between CPN-Maoist and CPN (Unity Centre-Masal)?
Our party had already made decisions to make single pole of the revolutionary parties and organization. It is the beginning of the unity among the revolutionaries. This unity will certainly fulfill its responsibility for the nation and the people that is to accomplish the revolution.

You are in change of the organizational department of the unified CPN-Maoist. How have you done division of responsibility of party leaders?

We are thinking about 2 phases of work division. Party central committee has 138 members. We have done our work division of the first phase. Central committee member will bear the in-chargeship of the state committee of autonomous states, mass organizations, fronts and forums. Secondly, there are special bureaus and departments. Thirdly, there are the responsibility in the fronts of the government, constitutes assembly and the different committees of the government and CA [Constituent Assembly].

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