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Matrika Yadav leaves the UCPM (Maoist)

Posted by n3wday on February 16, 2009

Matrika Yadav Leaves the Maoist Party of NepalThis article was originally published on Many thanks to Ben for pointing this out.

Maoist leaders are hungry for power: Matrika Yadav
Kantipur Reporter

KATHMANDU, Feb 13 – CPN (Maoist) leader Matrika Yadav, who recently ‘reconstituted’ a new party CPN (Maoist) breaking away from his former party, on Friday accused his former party of becoming ‘hungry for power’ as they are still holding on to their posts even as the Nepal Army (NA) disobeyed the direction of the defence minister.

Speaking at a programme organised by Muslim community in the capital today, the rebel leader of the Unified CPN (Maoist) that was recently renamed as the Unified CPN (Maoist) claimed that his revolted from the party as Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who repeatedly gives public discourses of ‘making miracles’, has been entrapped amongst the corrupt people and failed to embrace the spirit of the aspirations of the people’s war.

He criticised the Unified CPN (Maoist) saying that they could not do anything different from other political parties even after they reached the power.
At the programme, Muslim intellectual Kaushab Sah said that the government’s decision to include Mulsims, who have their separate identities, as Pahade in hilly region and Madheshi in Tarai disregarded the identity of Muslims.

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