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UCPN(M) Leader: Yadav’s Exit Makes No Impact

Posted by irisbright on February 18, 2009

Mohan 'Kiran' Baidya

This article was originally found on It was originally titled ‘Yadav’s exit makes no difference: Baidya’.

Yadav’s exit makes no difference: Baidya

Kantipur Report KATHMANDU, Feb 15 – Senior Unified CPN (Maoist) leader Mohan Baidya Sunday said that the exit of leader Matrika Yadav does not make any difference to the party. The remarks of Baidya came in the wake of increasing possibility of the loss of Maoist grip in Madhesh with the departure of leader Yadav, who hails from southern belt Madhesh, from the party. Leader Baidya said that Yadav would be allowed to rejoin if he comes back after correcting himself, though the party purged him on discipline ground. Talking to journalists at the party headquarters in Buddhanagar today, Baidya, who is the ideologue and leads the hardliners within the party, made it clear that anyone who wants to quit the party are free to do so as there is ideological freedom in the party.

Secretariat meeting of the Unified CPN (Maoist) yesterday had ousted Yadav from the party, saying that the latter demonstrated anarchic activities after he announced the ‘reconstitution’ of the CPN (Maoist) on Feb. 11. Earlier on Sep. 19, 2008, Yadav had resigned as Minister for Land Reform and Management over a land capture row in Siraha district accusing the Madheshi Janadhikar Forum and CPN (UML) of being anti-people parties.

In response to the party’s (the then CPN-Maoist) order to apologise for his involvement in the Siraha land grabbing by marshalling the party cadres even after police freed the land from the Maoists, Yadav, instead put in papers.

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