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Prachanda: ‘Maoists will Embrace Change Through Revolt’

Posted by irisbright on February 19, 2009

Prime Minister Prachanda Dahal

Prime Minister 'Prachanda' Dahal

This article was originally found on It was originally titled ‘Maoists will embrace change through revolt: PM Dahal’.

Maoists will embrace change through revolt: PM Dahal

Kantipur Report LALITPUR, Feb 14 – Prime Minister and Unified CPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Saturday said the party will not always be engaged in the peace process.The party will move in a different manner in order to embrace change through revolt, he said at a programme organised in Lalitpur today.

“Stressing which way is better for continuing revolution, we have been trying to present ourselves in a different way for peace process, Constituent Assembly and constitution-drafting process.”  “We should realise that current condition will not prevail for long and we also should prepare ourselves seriously for the next situation,” he added. However, he did not elaborate on what would be the “next situation”.  The rebel-turned-premier said the Maoists are in a complicated state of revolution adding that they are different from what they appear. In a different context, PM Dahal accused coalition partner CPN-UML and other communist parties of being ultra-leftist.  He said the parties advocated about change and revolution only during their initial years.

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