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Report: Communes in the Heart of Nepal’s Revolution

Posted by irisbright on February 24, 2009

The Martyrs Road

The Martyr's Road

This Red Star (Vol. 2, # 4) article was originally posted by Maoist Revolution Digest #1618.  It is being made available on Banned Thought.

A burning question facing the Nepali revolution is how to move forward from an anti-monarchist revolution to a full anti-feudal revolution and then beyond to socialism. One issue at the heart of this is the question of agrarian revolution — how to fundamentally change the lives of the vast majority of people by radically changing the social relationships in the countryside.

The impoverished highlands that cover much of Nepal often have little to expropriate: there is little surplus and few plantation-like farms. It is the collective mobilization of the people to create roads, schools, new local communal industry and some day electification, only possible through new communal socialist forms of organization, that forms a key step toward the radical transformation of life.

This report describes the embryonic socialist forms emerging under communist leadership in Nepal’s countryside — and promotes them as models for the country as a whole.

Report: Building With Guns

During the period of the People’s War, the communes were established in the central base areas of the western Nepal. They were/are the models of the People’s Communes. They are the embryo of socialism and communism. These communes are still surviving in a live condition. The policy and the programmes declared by the republican government are helping them. These communes are the best achievements of a decade long People’s War. They are the protection, experiment and the development of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and Prachanda Path.” Juni People’s Commune, Ajammari People’s Commune, Jaljala People’s Commune and Balidan People’s Commune are the model communes developed in the central base area.

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Women Lead Revolutionary Struggle in India

Posted by irisbright on February 24, 2009

women_india_maoist_revolutionThis Red Star article was originally posted by Maoist Revolution Digest #1616.  It is being made available on Banned Thought.

Women on the front line, leading Revolution in India

20th February 2009 NAGPUR– A recent survey has shown 74 women to be part of the approximately 290 core Maoists operating in the worst affected areas of the state.

They don’t just make up the ranks. The women also account for three divisional committee members, nine commanders, three area commanders, and two deputy commanders. In fact, statistics show that the men are outnumbered by the fairer sex in commanders and deputy commanders’ cadre.

Two women divisional committee members (Narmada and Tarakka alias Vimla Sidam) operate in the south Gadchiroli area while one (Sujanakka) in the north. “Narmada though has lost her physical aggression due to age but she is still a sound strategic planner owing to her years in the movement and knowledge of the topography”.

Some 57 others are form the support strength. Role of women had become a matter of speculation in the state’s deadliest Maoist attack in the 01/02 attack at Markegaon that claimed lives of 15 policemen.

Among recent Maoist attacks, there is speculation that Jyoti, commander of Tippagarh Dalam and wife of member of Dandakaranya special zonal committee Diwakar, was part of the team that wiped out 15 policemen in Markegaon recently.

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