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Prachanda on the PLA

Posted by n3wday on February 26, 2009

Communist Party of Nepal Maoist guerrillasThis article was originally published by the Red Star, and has been made available on Banned Thought. Originally titled: “Changed role and responsibility of PLA.”

Changed role and responsibility of PLA


I am not in the same responsibility of supreme commander on this auspicious occasion of 14th anniversary of People’s War and 8th People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Day. I am feeling that the continuity of the past has been disconnected. I, on this occasion, am feeling pride of being the first elected Prime Minister of republic Nepal. I am feeling a deep responsibility.

We are in period of the peace process. Big challenges are before us to carry the peace process into a logical end for the bright future of Nepalese people. We have spilled our blood mostly for the election of the Constituent Assembly. We are now in the government, on the occasion for writing a new constitution. A deep responsibility is upon our shoulders.

I am speaking before you as the responsibility of a prime minister. Many different opinions and the some of the people have too many questions about Unified CPN (Maoist) and PLA if they are really in favour of peace process and they contribute to the peace process. They are raising so many questions at a time if Unified CPN (Maoist) is ready to write a constitution with multiparty competition, where there will be a political freedom, freedom of press, human rights etc.

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