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Red Star: Developing a Federal Structure

Posted by irisbright on February 27, 2009

This Red Star (Vol. 2, # 4) article was originally posted by Maoist Revolution Digest #1618.  It is being made available on Banned Thought.

How the conception of the federal Structure was developed ?

During People’s War, the then CPN-Maoist exercised the People’s Power in local level, middle and in the central level. Local People’s Powers were formed from ward to district level. These were called Village People’s Committees (power) and district People’s Committees. At that time, the concept of autonomous states with the right of self-determination was declared. Accordingly, the People’s Power was divided into 4 layers. From the bottom: village people’s Committee, district People’s committee, autonomous states and Revolutionary People’s Council in the centre.

The Federal State Structure was developed and applied instead of Unitary Feudalist State Power. These federal states were defined as caste and regional autonomous states. Under these caste and regional autonomous states, there were many other autonomous areas and even villages (units) within an autonomous state. Moreover, the castes like Dalit, Woman, and endangered were given special right.

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