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Reactionaries Mistreating the Tharu people

Posted by n3wday on March 6, 2009

tharu-people-in-nepalThis article was originally published on Nepal News under the title: Maoist, Madhesi leaders speak out in favour of Tharu people.

With Chitwan district and many parts of Terai remaining tense because of government categorisation of Tharus as Madhesis, a senior Unified CPN (Maoist) leader Friday argued that Tharus are not Madhesis but indigenous people.

C.P Gajurel, who is also the foreign department head of the Maoist party, said the government led by his party erroneously decided to put Tharus in the Madhesi category coming under pressure from “other political parties” and claimed that his party never considered Tharus as Madhesis.

He didn’t say under whose pressure the government made this decision, but it is believed that junior coalition partner Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, which has long been trying to woo the indigenous Tharu community, may have some hand in this.

Speaking briefly to reporters in Simara Airport of Bara district, he accused the Nepal Army of violating the Comprehensive Peace Accord by taking in 3,000 new soldiers and said that Maoist People’s Liberation Army had just opened its recruitment in its response.

Meanwhile, Terai Madhesh Loktantric Party chairman Mahanta Thakur expressed solidarity to the protests by Tharu community against the government’s decision that has made life in many parts of Terai difficult and claimed the lives of 3 people including that of a policeman.

“As the government issued the ordinance which puts Tharus under the Madhesi category without any consultation with other parties, Tharus were left with no option but to stage the protests,” he said in a press meet in southern Terai town of Bhairahawa.

“Tharu people are just trying to assert their unique identity through their protests.”

He also blamed irresponsible attitude and working style of the Maoist led government behind the rise of various armed outfits in Terai.

“The policies of the government are flawed. This is why we are seeing so many problems in Terai these days,” he said, “instead of working towards resolving those problems, the government is just intent on inviting more problems.” ag Mar 06 09


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