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Nepal: War for Peace

Posted by n3wday on March 8, 2009

Communist Party of Nepal Maoist PLA drillThis article was originally published in the Red Star and has been made available by Banned Thought. Original title is “War for Peace”.

Red Star reporter

Unified CPN (Maoist), at the time ongoing peace process, has celebrated 14th anniversary of people’s war (PW) and simultaneously People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has celebrated 8th PLA Day at Hattikhor satellite Cantonment. These historic celebrations are for accelerating the peace process to build a New Nepal. While the past celebrations were held under the leadership of the party only, this celebration has been accomplished under the chief guest of the executive chief of the State, premier Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’.

As the PW and PLA have been recognized by the government, the role and responsibility has also been changed. The responsibility of PLA has been to succeed the peace process. It means that the Role and responsibility of the warriors and PLA has been to involve in the struggle for the peace. Now, the party, and its leadership, is in the government with a big responsibility to write a new constitution.

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Congress Members Walk Out Over Villager Killings

Posted by Sole on March 8, 2009

Communist Party India NaxalbariThis article originally appears in Thaindian News.

Chhattisgarh Police Killed Villagers, Not Maoists, Claims Congress

Raipur, Feb 17 (IANS) Chhattisgarh’s main opposition Congress party members walked out from the state assembly Tuesday, alleging the police killed 17 tribal villagers Jan 8 branding them as Maoist insurgents.

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“People’s Liberation Army Won’t Stop Recruitment”

Posted by n3wday on March 8, 2009

Unified Communist Party Nepal (Maoist) PLA DrillThis article was originally published on originally entitled: PLA Commander: PM Doesn’t Count

DHANGADHI, March 7 – A commander of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said on Friday that PLA’s seventh division based in Bhangadhi would go ahead with recruitment, come what may.

“The PLA will not stop the recruitment even if the party Chairman and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal himself issues directives against the fresh intake. Not even comrade Prachanda can stop us,” said division commander Mahendra Bahadur Shahi as a local newspaper published the vacancy announcement in its Friday edition.
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