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CPM Losing Mass Base, says Chatterjee

Posted by Sole on March 13, 2009

This article originally appeared on The Times of India.

CPM Reduced To A ‘Non-Actor’ In Indian Politics: Somnath

3 Mar 2009
KOCHI: In a stinging attack at his former party, Lok Sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee on Tuesday said the CPM has reduced itself to a “non-actor”
in national politics after withdrawing support to the Congress-led coalition describing the action as a “big blunder”.

Chatterjee also dubbed the loss of a key West Bengal Assembly by-election — Bishnupur (West) — to Trinamool Congress as a “huge embarrassment” for the CPM.

Describing as a “big blunder” the CPM’s withdrawal of support to the UPA last July, the 79-year old veteran politician said in an interview that the party has lost an opportunity to serve the people.

Chatterjee, who is on a two-day Kerala tour, also made a veiled attack on CPM general secretary Prakash Karat by saying that the only credible leader the CPM had was Jyoti Basu, who was his mentor.

“The CPM has now reduced itself to a non-actor in national politics. It has failed to feel the pulse of the people and is quickly loosing mass base,” Chatterjee said, ruling out his return to the party with which he was associated for decades. Chatterjee was expelled by CPM for defying the party directive to quit as speaker after the Left withdrew support.

Chatterjee’s offensive against the CPM is seen significant as it has come ahead of the Lok Sabha elections and close on the heels of Congress and Trinamool Congress announcing an alliance.

One Response to “CPM Losing Mass Base, says Chatterjee”

  1. Ka Frank said

    The Communist Party of India Marxist (CPM) may be slipping in Kerala (one of the three states which it has governed for decades), but it is still a formidable reactionary force in West Bengal, where it leads the counter-insurgency against the Maoists and has viciously repressed the anti-displacement movement at Nandigram, Singur and other battlefronts. In states in which it is out of power, such as Andhra Pradesh, the CPM opportunistically claims to be against displacement and puts the money to work it receives from the CPM nationally building centers for workers, peasants, adivasis, women, etc.

    Whether the CPM is in power or out of power, in or out of alliance with the Congress, the revolutionary movement exposes its bourgeois class nature, its reactionary policies and its flexible opportunism.

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