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Video: Prachanda Path Jindabad

Posted by Mike E on March 27, 2009

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Ben Peterson: Eyewitness Report from Maoist Army Camp

Posted by Mike E on March 27, 2009

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Maoist women fighters with their weapons. Click for full picture

Ben Petersen, a friend of the Kasama site from Australia, has traveled to Nepal to report directly about the revolutionary events there. He has made a special point of interviewing a wide range of people — to give a real sense of the impact of the Maoist revolution, and also the intense contradictions at this particular moment.

Ben’s pieces will appear on Kasama’s South Asian Revolution site, and also on his ownblog Lal Salam. (Earlier reports: first impressions and interview with gay activist.)

Most recently, Ben went to one of the so-called “cantonments” — bases where the Peoples Liberation Army fighters are gathered. Ben recently wrote:

I just spent a week with the PLA… i can guarantee you that … they are still very much the political force they were a few years ago. I can say from the experience of being there that there was no sell out.”

Here is Ben’s report:

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Pictures & Thoughts From the PLA

By Ben Peterson

For the last week I have been with the JanaMukti Sena, the Peoples Liberation Army. Mostly with the 3rd Division, Kalyan/Anish Memorial brigade.

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This is the Peoples/Military hospital. Set up by the peoples army, it now serves both them and the public. It has many facilities, including a pharmacy, operating room for minor surgeries, a pre and post natal care facility and a female ward. It was built by the PLA, and runs at next to no cost for the people of the area. ( i also fell ill at the camp, and it cost me 10 rupees, about 20 Australian cents, which included my medication)

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