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Video: Prachanda Path Jindabad

Posted by Mike E on March 27, 2009

2 Responses to “Video: Prachanda Path Jindabad”

  1. artemi0 said

    This is a powerful piece of culture that literally brought a tear to my eye after watching it. Inspiring.

    In the USA we’ve had popular dance’s like the electric slide, or country line dancing like achy breaky heart. Sorry for a somewhat dated reference- the macarena might be a more current form (still dated).

    Comrade Mike Ely in Letter 4 asks;

    ”Where are the poets, the novelists, the beloved songs, the shocking films, the cartoons, the jazz riffs inspired by a revolutionary communist outlook? Where are the video game designers?”

    If we were to add to this list- “Where is the dance to compliment revolutions march?”

    The dance is right here.

    Move over Billy Ray Cyrus- Make way for the Prachanda Path Jindabad. A new and improved dance craze that is sweeping a nation!

  2. Maz said

    Really? If anything, this video – which I actually think is quite cool for a lot of reasons – strikes me as proving that lots of developments of a particular revolution, especially cultural ones, will NOT have universal application.

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