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Red Star Report: Revolutionary Student Union in Election-War

Posted by irisbright on March 30, 2009

Several student unions have young woman leaders, who work in the face of resistance.  Right: Manushi Yami Bhattarai is a district leader in the Maoist affiliated ANNISU(R).

This article is from The Red Star (Vol-2, No-6, March. 16 – 31, 2009).  It is posted at Banned Thought.

Several student unions have young woman leaders, who work in the face of resistance. Pictured far right: Manushi Yami Bhattarai is a district leader in the Maoist affiliated ANNISU(R).

Report: Revolutionary Student’s Union in election-war

The educated youth are now contesting election in the higher studies institutions. It is periodical election for Independent Students’ Union (ISU). ISU is the umbrella union of all the students’ union in Nepal. The students unions affiliated to different political parties and their different ideologies are in the field of competition.

First election in changed situation

This is the first contest among the students’ unions after the declaration of republic of Nepal. The students’ union of the different political parties are actively involved in the election field. However, the three main students’ union are in intense and a tough competition, they are: All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (Revolutionary) ANNISU (R), All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (ANNISU) and Nepal Students’ Union (NSU). Other students union are also in the field of election. However, the intense competition will be among the three big students’ organizations.

Contest in Ideology

The contest is on the basis of ideology. The competition is not only the technical or organizational. It is the competition connected with ideology of their mother parties or political parties. ANNISU (R) is ahead than the other unions. The ANNISU and NSU are the old modeled unions that represent status quo. They both are same. However, ANNISU (R) has clearly stated its ideology and outline of making New Nepal including state restructuring.

Agenda of Transformation

The revolutionary educated youth are talking about the transformation of the society. They are talking about the restructuring with of educational sector with the entire restructuring of the state. The declared policies and programmes by the republican Maoist-led government are in the process of implementation. Revolutionary students are creating favourable enviornment for their implementation. Moreover, revolutionary students’ are raising the question of restructuring of the independent students union according to the changed political situation.

Responsibility of Educated Youth

Efficient manpower is the capital for the development of a country. The responsibility of changing the socio-economic condition of the nation, has fallen upon the shoulder of the youth. Unified CPN Maoist, as the progressive party, is making its effort for the transformation and youth has to bear the responsibility. Nepal is not in obligatory situation to import the efficient manpower from foreign countries if the educated youth are ready to bear the responsibility of transformation. The Revolutionary Students’ Union [ANNISU(R)] is leading the agendas of educational transformation along with the entire transformation of the country.

Morning Shows the Day

Revolutionary Students Union [ANNISU(R)] is going to contest in a free and fair manner. The electin day is at the door. The students are labouring hard to make victorious to their own pannel in the election because the election is directly related with the issue of entire state restructuring and socio-economic transformation. The [ANNISU(R)] has been victorious uncontestedly in four of the campuses, affiliated to the Universities.

Tasks ANNISU (R.)
•    Stoppage of phase out programme in PCL level from T.U.
•    Cancellation of entrance-exam.
•    Increase in education-budget after pressure.
•    Implementation of Educational-reform programme.
•    Cancellation of semester barrier system in Pokhara University.
•    The establishment of Independent Students’ Union in Pokhara University.
•    Cancellation of retake fee.
•    Control in absence and salary of the teachers in Universities.
•    The solution of the problems in Educational Department of TU by cooperating with the students there.
•    The advancing the process of legalizing the hostels in universities.
•    Organize of extra curricular activities in campuses.
•    Declaration of no smoking zone to campuses.
•    Timely change in old school/campus uniforms.
•    Investigation of corruption in campuses management administration and in the office of independent students’ union.
•    Initiative regulate in irregularities in free ship.
•    Initiation of creating favourable environment for fair competition by ending the hegemony of NSU and ANNISU.
•    Beginning of nationwide debate of state restructuring.
Commitment of ANNISU (R.)
•    End of Feudalism in Academy and Educational Sector.
•    End of Imperialism.
•    End of Privatization in Education.
•    Establishment of students’ right and concession.
•    A big reform movement in education.
•    Helping hand for progressive transformation.

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