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Red Star Opinion: On Revolutionary Students Transforming Education

Posted by irisbright on March 31, 2009

Lekhnath Neupane, chairperson of ANNISU(R).

This article is from The Red Star (Vol-2, No-6, March. 16 – 31, 2009).  It is posted at Banned Thought.

Lekhnath Neupane (chairperson of the ANNISU(R)–pictured right) was interviewed about the Free Student Elections along with the chairpersons of the other major student unions by  Click on the image to read these interviews.

Opinion: ANNISU & Restruturing of Eductional Sector

by Lekhnath Neupane

The election of the students’ Union has both the positive and negative aspects. We, the revolutionary students Union, are progressive and follow the Marxist opinion as our guideline. Therefore, we try to see and follow the positive aspects and fight against negatives learning from the history and our own experiences. This is the first election of the Independent Students’ Union (ISU) after the declaration of Republic of Nepal.

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