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“Naxalites in India Are There to Stay and Grow”

Posted by Sole on March 14, 2009

This article originally appeared on Naxalite Maoist India.

“Mark my words, the day is not far when they(Maoists) will rule a grand majority of India. These 200 districts will become 400 in no time, and inch towards more. No government in India will be able to stop their growth through police, Salva Judums or army.”

Long Will Live the Naxalite Movement – Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri

If you have been following popular media, then you must by now be of the viewpoint that Naxalites are India’s largest growing menace; and you must be pitying the 60 plus people left dead in the Chhattisgarh massacre, thanks to the Naxalites. The truth, however, is not that simple. The Naxalite movement in India is growing; that’s a truth. They are a menace to the Centre; that’s a truth. But Naxalites a menace to India? Well, perhaps this is farthest from the truth. In cities where we lead a cushy life, Naxalites are far from a menace. In the interiors where they rule, they aren’t really considered a menace either. They rule the Indian villages and backward areas – well, that’s an understatement – they are the emperors of a third of Indian districts today. Yes, 200 out of the 600 odd districts in India are today under Naxalite rule.

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CPM Losing Mass Base, says Chatterjee

Posted by Sole on March 13, 2009

This article originally appeared on The Times of India.

CPM Reduced To A ‘Non-Actor’ In Indian Politics: Somnath

3 Mar 2009
KOCHI: In a stinging attack at his former party, Lok Sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee on Tuesday said the CPM has reduced itself to a “non-actor”
in national politics after withdrawing support to the Congress-led coalition describing the action as a “big blunder”.

Chatterjee also dubbed the loss of a key West Bengal Assembly by-election — Bishnupur (West) — to Trinamool Congress as a “huge embarrassment” for the CPM.

Describing as a “big blunder” the CPM’s withdrawal of support to the UPA last July, the 79-year old veteran politician said in an interview that the party has lost an opportunity to serve the people.

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Resisting a Police State: The Importance of Dr. Binayak Sen

Posted by Sole on March 11, 2009

Dr. Binayak Sen

Dr. Binayak Sen

This article originally appeared on Monthly Review.

by Analytical Monthly Review

Analytical Monthly Review, published in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, is a sister edition of Monthly Review. Its February 2009 issue features the following editorial.

We have lost twice over from the late November terror attacks in Mumbai. We must add to the anguish of the loved ones of the poor people who were murdered as they waited for trains at VT [Victoria Terminus] — and who received but a tiny fraction of the media’s attention — the anguish of innocent poor people yet unknown who shall fall prey to the lawless arrests and police torture that shall with certainty follow from the “anti-terror” legislation of December 17th.

Why do we say “with certainty”? The legislation follows two earlier models, the Prevention of Terrorism Act and its predecessor, the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act. These acts gave rise to frightful abuse; they offered impunity to the police for unlawful arrests and torture in custody. Official review of the use of TADA, under which close to 70,000 were arrested (and but 725 convicted), found the provisions of the Act inapplicable in over 90% of the cases. POTA was, if anything, yet more abused.

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Inside views on the West Bengal Uprising

Posted by n3wday on March 10, 2009

Indian Villagers Bengal UprisingThis is an edited version of an article from the January-March 2009 edition of People’s Truth. Many thanks to Ka Frank for sending this our way.

Inside View of the Uprising in Lalgarh, West Bengal

In November 2008, the tribals of Salboni, Lalgarh broke out in a veritable uprising against the police repression unleashed after a bomb blast injured six security personnel of a leader of the CPI Marxist (the reactionary ruling party in West Bengal). We reprint below reports from the daily paper The Statesman during late November, with our commentary.

On Nov 20th, the Statesman reported: When the Midnapore West district police are in two minds over attending a meeting tomorrow called by the Police Santras Birodhi Public Committee (PSBPC) of Lalgarh at Dalilpur Chowk, an interior village in Lalgarh, on security plea, the CPI (Maoist) held a day-long meeting on Singlohar Hilltop at Laljal, 25 km from Belpahari town, today.

In the Maoist meeting, organised for the first time in broad daylight, unlike previous occasions, the outfit is believed to have prepared a blueprint on the Lalgarh issue, in which a good number of heavily-armed action squad leaders, including some women members, were present. The meeting was an open challenge to the police as two camps of the Central forces are situated at Niguria on the east and at Jamtalgar on the west, each about 5 k.m. from the hill site. A 15-member team of Maoist cadres from Lalgarh riding five two-wheelers are also reported to have attended the meeting.

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India: Propaganda campaign against maoists intensifies

Posted by n3wday on March 10, 2009

Salwa Judum member terrorizes villagers

Vigilante group Salwa Judum terrorizes a village

This article was originally published on

Read About Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh’s School Textbook

Raipur, Jan 28 : Chhattisgarh’s controversial counter-insurgency civil militia campaign, Salwa Judum, has found a mention in school textbooks with the state government bringing out a separate chapter about it in the Class 10 social science book.

The 352-page book has a two-page chapter “Necessity of Social Security From Problem of Naxalism”, which widely hails the Salwa Judum as a solution to the decades-old Maoist violence in the state.

The chapter mentions that tribal people of forested and mineral rich state’s southern restive Bastar region have “accepted the challenge of Naxalism and have come forward to launch the movement”.
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Indian Officials Back Out of Peace Negotiations

Posted by Sole on March 9, 2009

This article originally appeared on Thaindian News.

Chhattisgarh Reluctant to Take Up Maoists’ Peace Talk Offer

Raipur, Feb 22  Chhattisgarh’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government is now reluctant to take up the offer for peace talks made by the Maoists twice recently, after the leftist rebels killed three CRPF troopers in an ambush Feb 19.
Spokesperson of Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee of the outlawed Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist), Pandu alias Pandanna, had offered twice within a month to hold peace talks with the government to find a solution to the decade-old Maoist militancy in the state.

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India: Reactionary military units formed to combat maoists

Posted by n3wday on March 9, 2009

1127Greyhounds are an elite military force in India used for counter-insurgency.

This article was published by the Times of India.

Naxal-hit States To Form Greyhound Like Force

RAIPUR: Six Maoist-hit states — Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra — are developing special forces on the
lines Greyhounds of Andhra Pradesh to tackle red terror.

Chhattisgarh DGP Vishwa Ranjan told TOI that Chhattisgarh would become the first among the six states to raise a 13,000-strong crack commando force to tackle Left-wing violence. He said the existing Chhattisgarh Armed Forces, with its headquarters at Amleshwar in Durg, has been converted into Chhattisgarh Commando Battalion. The battalion will be deployed in rural and forested areas to check the Maoists.
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Nepal: War for Peace

Posted by n3wday on March 8, 2009

Communist Party of Nepal Maoist PLA drillThis article was originally published in the Red Star and has been made available by Banned Thought. Original title is “War for Peace”.

Red Star reporter

Unified CPN (Maoist), at the time ongoing peace process, has celebrated 14th anniversary of people’s war (PW) and simultaneously People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has celebrated 8th PLA Day at Hattikhor satellite Cantonment. These historic celebrations are for accelerating the peace process to build a New Nepal. While the past celebrations were held under the leadership of the party only, this celebration has been accomplished under the chief guest of the executive chief of the State, premier Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’.

As the PW and PLA have been recognized by the government, the role and responsibility has also been changed. The responsibility of PLA has been to succeed the peace process. It means that the Role and responsibility of the warriors and PLA has been to involve in the struggle for the peace. Now, the party, and its leadership, is in the government with a big responsibility to write a new constitution.

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Congress Members Walk Out Over Villager Killings

Posted by Sole on March 8, 2009

Communist Party India NaxalbariThis article originally appears in Thaindian News.

Chhattisgarh Police Killed Villagers, Not Maoists, Claims Congress

Raipur, Feb 17 (IANS) Chhattisgarh’s main opposition Congress party members walked out from the state assembly Tuesday, alleging the police killed 17 tribal villagers Jan 8 branding them as Maoist insurgents.

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“People’s Liberation Army Won’t Stop Recruitment”

Posted by n3wday on March 8, 2009

Unified Communist Party Nepal (Maoist) PLA DrillThis article was originally published on originally entitled: PLA Commander: PM Doesn’t Count

DHANGADHI, March 7 – A commander of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said on Friday that PLA’s seventh division based in Bhangadhi would go ahead with recruitment, come what may.

“The PLA will not stop the recruitment even if the party Chairman and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal himself issues directives against the fresh intake. Not even comrade Prachanda can stop us,” said division commander Mahendra Bahadur Shahi as a local newspaper published the vacancy announcement in its Friday edition.
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Exposing Death Squad Murders in Chhattisgarh

Posted by Sole on March 7, 2009

Singaram’s Karam Kanni denies her husband, killed on January 8, was a Naxal

Singaram’s Karam Kanni denies her husband, killed on January 8, was a Naxal

This article originally appeared on Tehelka Current Affairs.

The Jungle Justice Of The Trigger Happy

The Indian armed forces and paramilitary death squads have long murdered revolutionaries in “fake encounters” — where brutal murders and rapes are officially treated as shootouts. And, as part of this, the pro-government forces have been engaged in a series of terror campaigns aimed at villagers in Maoist political strongholds. This is the classic counterinsurgency tactic of “dry up the sea to catch the fish).

In this case, “Salwa Judum” death squad kills 19 people claiming they were  Maoist activists. The Maoist “Naxals” say the dead were villagers targeted as part of a government terror campaign. The author, Ajitsahi, walks 40km in the jungles of Chhattisgarh to hunt the truth. Photographs by VIJAY PANDEY

* * * * * *

MADKAM DEVA is a tribal, the sort characterised romantically in social science schoolbooks and museum artifacts illustrative of India’s remotest jungle peoples. There is nothing charming though about the chilling tale of a bloodbath he recalls staccato, walking barefoot as always in the sprawling southern forests of Chhattisgarh, waving at the deep red blood clots thickened on fallen leaves, still enough food in them for frenzied golden ants two weeks after human gore was spilled here. Deva’s blood would be here, too, had he not ducked the machinegun fire in a nanosecond, leapt behind the shrubbery like frightened deer, and bolted through the cascading landscape.

“They made us stand in a line and ordered us to bow our heads,” Deva says of those terrifying moments between life and death. “I was the last and that gave me just enough time to escape.”

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Revolutionary Land Reform: Essence and Aim

Posted by n3wday on March 7, 2009

Revolutionary land reform and peasants in nepalThis article was originally published in the Red Star and has been made available on Banned Thought.

Revolutionary Land Reform : Essence and Aim

Krishna Das Shrestha

The economic problems that are being faced by the feudal and semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries in the world, is basically an agrarian problem. Nepal belongs to the same category of these countries and the main economic problem that Nepal has to solve in the present situation is the land-problem. The solution of this problem is the most democratic task, which is a very difficult and painstaking task as well.

The Nepalese Revolution is now passing through the democratic stage and we call it the stage of bourgeois democratic revolution. Accomplishment of this democratic revolution is essentially and basically anti-feudal revolution. The main economic foundation of feudalism is feudal land system, and unless this foundation is destroyed, feudalism will not and cannot be demolished at all. This indicates the necessity of revolutionary transformation of the existing land-relations and what we call revolutionary land reform signifies mainly this very transformation. As a matter of fact, the establishment of peasants’ land ownership by abolishing feudal land ownership is the soul and main essence of democratic revolution. To do this is to accomplish agrarian revolution, and it is the way to solve the existing land problem democratically in the interests of the peasant masses. To set up peasants’ ownership over the land is the main essence of the theory of ‘land to the tillers’.

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India: Government gives cell phones to informants

Posted by n3wday on March 6, 2009

stopsnitching21This article was published by the BBC originally titled: Cell phones to fight India Rebels, By Subir Bhaumik

[From original article] The government in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand has given free mobile phones to more than 200 village leaders to help fight Maoist rebels.

Police say the aim is to receive swift tip-offs about rebel movements.

They say the scheme is already proving very useful and there are plans to extend it – despite fears the headmen might be targeted by the rebels.

Large parts of mineral-rich Jharkhand are controlled by Maoists who regularly attack police and government offices.
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Reactionaries Mistreating the Tharu people

Posted by n3wday on March 6, 2009

tharu-people-in-nepalThis article was originally published on Nepal News under the title: Maoist, Madhesi leaders speak out in favour of Tharu people.

With Chitwan district and many parts of Terai remaining tense because of government categorisation of Tharus as Madhesis, a senior Unified CPN (Maoist) leader Friday argued that Tharus are not Madhesis but indigenous people.

C.P Gajurel, who is also the foreign department head of the Maoist party, said the government led by his party erroneously decided to put Tharus in the Madhesi category coming under pressure from “other political parties” and claimed that his party never considered Tharus as Madhesis.

He didn’t say under whose pressure the government made this decision, but it is believed that junior coalition partner Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, which has long been trying to woo the indigenous Tharu community, may have some hand in this.
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Peace Talks in Chhattisgarh

Posted by Sole on March 6, 2009

This article originally appears on Rediff India Abroad.

Chhattisgarh Maoists Offer Conditional Talks

Maoists in Chhattisgarh have invited the state government for peace talks provided a ‘conducive and pro-people atmosphere’ is created.

Dandakaranya special zonal committee member and spokesperson Pandu alias Pandanna invited a select group of local electronic media-persons to his forest hideout late last week and made the offer through them.

Pandu had also hinted at the Maoists’ preparedness for talks in a statement released on January 19. ‘We invite the Chhattisgarh government to the Abujhmar [a very dense and inaccessible forest area in the Bastar region from where the Maoists run their parallel government] for peace talks. We will provide the entire cabinet full security,’ Pandu said in the interaction.

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