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“We are ready to capture Nepal Army HQ”

Posted by Mike E on April 23, 2009

Riot police shielding the Army headquarters, while Maoist supporters stage a rally against Nepal Army Chief Rookmangud Katawal in Kathmandu on Wednesday. (Photo : Narendra Shrestha)

Riot police shielding the Army headquarters,
while Maoist supporters stage a rally against
Nepal Army Chief Rookmangud Katawal
in Kathmandu on Wednesday.
(Photo : Narendra Shrestha)

“We know how to fire bullets, if the Prime Minster orders we will begin fighting instantly,” said the Maoist student leader.

“The Maoists’ fresh attack on institution of the Nepal Army is nothing but their inner intent to capture the State,” says UML leader.

We are ready to capture Nepal Army HQ: Maoist leaders

The Maoists affiliated peoples’ organizations organized rallies in several parts of the country supporting the government’s decision to seek clarification from the Chief of the Nepal Army Mr. Rukmangad Katawal.

The Maoists’ sister organizations have been organizing rallies in support of the government move since last two days. The protestors were mainly demanding the government to immediately sack CoAS Katawal.

On Wednesday, April 22, 2009, the Maoists’ cadres not only chanted anti-Nepal Army slogans but also criticized their own government for the delay in sacking the Nepal Army Chief. The Maoists’ leaders addressing the rallies also demanded immediate resignation from Katwal for his role in murdering the Maoists’ cadres during the revolt and at time of the Peoples’ Uprising-II.

Yuba Raj Chaulagai, the vice president of the Maoists’ affiliated Students’ union told the mass that the Maoists are all prepared to capture Nepal Army headquarters if needed to remove Katawal.

“We know how to fire bullets, if the Prime Minster orders we will begin fighting instantly”, he added.

“Katawal represents the remnants of the former past, to wipe him out we are ready to capture the Army Headquarters even”, Ganesh Regmi General Secretary of the Maoists’ affiliate Trade Union said.

Similarly, in the district of Dolpa, on Wednesday, Maoists cadres took to the streets in support of the Maoists’ government to seek clarification from CoAS Katawal.

“Down with the royalists….down with the reactionaries…, Katawal resign immediately”, the Maoists cadres were chanting.
2009-04-23 07:45:54

YCL main obstacle for new Nepal Constitution: US

The US ambassador to Nepal Ms. Nancy J. Powel has declined to comment in the ongoing standoff between the Government led by the Maoists and the Nepal Army. “This is Nepal’s internal matter”, said Powell when asked to comment on Nepal’s government’s decision to sack chief of Nepal Army Mr. Rukmangad Katawal. Ms. Powell addressing two different programs in Pokhara, Wednesday April 22, 2009, said “we will not interfere in the matters pertaining to the decision of Nepal Government in the affairs of the Nepal Army”.

To add, though Ms. Powel declined to comment in the Government-Army tussle, Nepal’s Prime Minster Pushpa Kamal Dahal has blamed the US and India for exerting pressure to retain Katawal. However, Ms Powel said that the Young Communist League, the Maoists’ youth affiliate was the main obstacle for drafting the new constitution.

2009-04-23 07:49:14

India favors continuation of Katawal as Nepal Army Chief

Rakesh Sood, the Indian Ambassador to Nepal met with the Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal two times after Nepal Government served 24 hour ultimatum to Rookmangad Katawal-Chief of the Nepal Army on Monday April 20, 2009.

Rakesh Sood first met PM Dahal on Monday evening and arrived at the PM’s personal residence early Tuesday morning. It is reported that Sood told PM Dahal point blank that sacking of Mr. Katawal will not have India’s support and expressed serious concerns over the government decision to seek clarification from the Nepal Army Chief.

To add, the Government also had sought clarification from Mr. Katawal for his excessive hobnobbing with the diplomatic community.
It was earlier reported, quoting defense minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, that Mr. Katawal shared late night dinner with the diplomatic community and criticizes the Maoists’ led government of Nepal during such dinner meets.

Nevertheless, Sood’s Tuesday morning meet with PM Dahal asked the PM about the details of his impending visit to China.
Dahal is to head to China in the first week of May, 2009, tentatively.

2009-04-22 07:56:23

Nepal Maoist brought arms, preparing for battle: Oli

The United Marxist Leninist influential leader Mr. K.P. Sharma Oli has said that the Maoists’ with the intent to exacerbate the already deteriorating situation in the country were inviting further bloodshed.

“I have the information that the Maoists have already in a clandestine manner brought in arms and ammunitions in the country, they are preparing for yet another war”, alleged Mr. Oli.

“The Maoists in the government instead of guaranteeing peace and tranquility is preparing for further bloodshed”, said Oli at a press-meet organized at the UML headquarters in Balkhu, Kathmandu, April 21, 2009.
Mr. Oli was also of the opinion that the Maoists now see the Nepal Army and Judiciary as the main obstacle to capture the State, thus the unabated attack.”

“I appeal the Maoists not to carry on with this dangerous agenda”.

“The Maoists’ fresh attack on institution of the Nepal Army is nothing but their inner intent to capture the State.”

To add, the UML senior Leader Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal addressing a program in Bhaktapur on Tuesday made it clear that the government did not hold consultation with the UML party prior to taking the decision to forward the 24 hours ultimatum to the Chief of the Nepal Army Mr. Rookmangad Katawal.
Mr. Nepal also said that the Government must take the opposition into confidence prior taking such decisions.
2009-04-22 07:50:14

Increased political interest in Katawal case divides army top brass

The army top brass has been divided to the extent of boycotting events participated by the other faction over the issue of possible action against incumbent Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) General Rookmangad Katawal, Annapurna post daily reported.

General Kul Bahadur Khadka, second man in the army hierarchy, has been boycotting all meetings as well as social functions participated by generals supporting the CoAS since the row surfaced.

Khadka was ‘resting’ at home when other generals were discussing their plan on Monday after the defense ministry sent a letter to the CoAS asking him to furnish clarification on some controversial issues. He has not attended any meetings of the generals after that.

Generals supporting the army chief have accused Khadka of trying to politicise the army by joining hands with the Maoists to sack the incumbent chief.

On the other hand, generals supporting Khadka have accused the army chief’s supporters of blaming them without any evidence and discriminating against them.

Khadka is not invited in the informal meetings that take place in the army chief’s residence. He was also not seen in a wedding party attended by most
of the generals Wednesday evening.

Reports say army personnel have been deployed around Khadka’s residence to monitor his movement after the row surfaced.

General Khadka is retiring coming Jestha 25. He can be the Chief of Army Staff only if the incumbent chief retires before that.

Khadka has a bitter relation with Katawal since a long time. Khadka has accused Katawal of correcting his age by a royal decree. A case related to the army chief’s age is pending at the Supreme Court. Apr 23 09

Envoys meet PM over CoAS row

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who has deferred action against Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) Rookmangad Katawal due to increasing international pressure, has begun consultation with the diplomatic mission chiefs in Kathmandu to end the row.

Envoys from eight countries including the United States, United Kingdom, India, China and Japan reached the PM’s residence in Baluwatar Thursday morning to discuss the issue collectively. The meeting is undergoing where Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai is also present.

The international community has expressed dissatisfaction on the government move to sack army chief saying it would hamper the peace process.

Earlier in the morning, PM Dahal held meeting with United Nation Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) chief Karen Landgren regarding the CoAS row and progress on army integration process.

In the meantime, senior Maoist leader Dr Bhattarai called on UML leader KP Oli this morning in his bid to win support of the Oli camp for sacking army chief. Oli is one of the major critics against the government move. ia Apr 22 09

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  1. Green Red said

    Sorry for underestimating your accuracy Ka Frank. But what United ML party guy has said was pretty much what i had gathered to be happening. of course those who have learnt to shoot when necessary might have their means to do so. Thanks for providing these news.

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