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Breaking news: Rapid Events in Nepal

Posted by Mike E on May 3, 2009


Ben Peterson has posted an urgent report about the rapidly unfolding events in Kathmandu — where the Maoist government sacked the royalist head of the army, and where (apparently) streetfighting has broken out.

Ben writes, 3 PM on May 3:

This morning the Maoists in government made the decision to remove Gen. Katawal from his position of Chief of Army Staff after his repeated political based insubordination. This was done after 10 days of trying to reach consensus with the other political parties, up until a final cross party meeting this morning. This consensus was not possible to come too, and due to this the Maoists have made this decision on their own.

As a result of this, reactionary and anti-democractic forces are trying to unseat the overwhelmingly elected government. The major coalitio parteners in government, the Madheshi Peoples Right Forum and the Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist Leninst) have reportedly left government, and supporters of the major opposition party the Nepali Congress has small groups of supporters in the streets, disrupting traffic and burning tires. Also and alarmingly, the Chief of Army Staff has not accepted his removal, and is attempting to meet with other members of the millitary.

It is becoming clear that the political opposition, including parties previously within the government, are trying to find ways to destroy the Maoist government and to remove them from any form of power. This situation is changing by the minute, but it is clear that very important and decisive struggles are playing out as we speak.

At the same time, there are rallies in various places by the supports of the government to support the government and the Maoist party in its decision. The support for this decision and the government as a whole is widespread and while life is generally unaffected away from the major roads, a increasingly tense situation is coming about in Kathmandu. In likelihood across the country as well.


The role of international forces is yet to be seen, and I am yet to see or hear any response from India or the USA. However, both of these powers have made serious threats (unofficially) to the Maoist government.

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