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Role of Workers in the Philippine Revolution

Posted by Rosa Harris on May 16, 2009

phil2On the Kasama site there has been an ongoing discussion of “Economism and economic struggle” [like to our post on this]. This piece gives a picture of how one communist movement views these questions. Posting this here does not imply Kasama’s agreement with this analysis, it is an invitation to critically examine and debate these views.

The workers must lead the Filipino people’s struggle

The longer it persists and deepens, the more the international capitalist crisis results in unprecedented havoc and poverty to the working class, the toiling masses and the entire people. On the other hand, it gives rise to favorable conditions for arousing and mobilizing them. Amid this crisis, the need to tread the path of militant struggle to protect the welfare of the oppressed and exploited and to take action to end the system that has condemned them to lives of poverty and anguish becomes ever clearer to the people.

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