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General Katawal and King Gyanendra Gather Monarchists

Posted by n3wday on May 17, 2009


This article was published on Telegraph Nepal.

‘Katawal’s fresh bid to restore Nepal Monarchy’

The Janadisha Daily, the Maoists’ Party mouth Piece, has come up with a story, dated May 14, 2009, which reveals that the incumbent Chief of the Army Staff, Mr. Rukmangad Katawal has constituted various armed military outfits in the country in his bid to resurrect Monarchial institution in the country.

The report discloses that Mr. Katawal has on a personal basis constituted the armed outfit which numbers around two thousand armed men.

Katawal, enjoying support from the close aides of the former monarch Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah, former Nepal Army, Armed Police and General Police men has formed the military outfit under the command of Former Sub Inspector Hari Bahadur Timilsena, the report reveals.

The Armed Outfit since last November 2008 has been carrying out various regional armed activities to resurrect the now sidelined monarchy.

A letter sent on behalf of the organization to the former King of Nepal, Gyanendra Shah, dated January 4, 2009, claims that the military grouping was ready to take to any offensive for managing the grand comeback of the Royal institution.

The report says further that the letter was handed over to Mr. Rukmangad Katawal at Sashi Bhawan- private residence of Nepal Army Chief.

The military outfit is operating in various districts of Nepal, such as in the name of Chitwan Tiger in the district of Chitwan, Parasi Tiger in Nawalparasi district and Himali Tiger in Mid-Western region.

The Himali Tiger had exploded a bomb at the OHCHR office and Nepali congress party office in Nepalgunj, February 13, 2009, writes JanaDisha.

The outfits are being funded by former King Gyanendra, Nepal Army Chief Rukmangad Katawal and former Panchas, the paper further discloses.

Similarly, the armed outfit had sent a letter to former minister in the royal cabinet Mr. Kamal Thapa to extend financial support.

The Janadhisha further quotes a former member of the group as saying that the outfit has been carrying out frequent Army Trainings in the Sleshmantak Ban- close to Pashupati Nath Temple, under the direct supervision of Army Chief Katawal.

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