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Philippines: Revolution Will End Backwardness & Poverty

Posted by n3wday on May 31, 2009


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May 21, 2009 Ang Bayan

Revolution will put an end to backwardness and poverty

Gloria Arroyo’s vision of the Philippines becoming a First World country by 2020 is a huge delusion. Arroyo deceives the Filipino people by repeatedly telling them that their century-old poverty will be coming to an end in a few years’ time through her efforts and the measures she has taken. No one, of course, actually believes her when she insinuates that she has to stay in power in order to save the Philippines and deliver on her promise of prosperity.

The intensified crisis of the country’s semifeudal economy and the blows inflicted by the current crisis of the world capitalist system have worsened economic backwardness in the Philippines. The same assessment has been made by the imperialist financial agencies.
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