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UCPN Maoist Information Bulletin – Terai-Madhes and Geo-politics

Posted by n3wday on June 8, 2009


This was sent out on the Maoist Revolution e-list and was published on the UCPN’s new website.

Terai-Madhes and Geo-politics
by Sanjay Kumar Mishra
31 March 2009

Class struggle and caste division in Nepal are inextricably bound up to each other. Divided exclusively into the high and low castes, the former have always suppressed the latter. Terai-Madhesh is not an exception to this rule. It displays a complex caste hierarchy among Madheshis being categorized sharply into the forward (Brahmin, Rajput, Bhumiyar and Kyastha), the backward (Yadav, Teli, Baniya, Kurmi, etc.) and harijan (Dom, Dusadh, chamar, Mushar, etc). Besides, indigenous Terai populations (Rajbanshi, Gangai, Satar, Dhimal, Tharu etc.) and hill people occupy a substantial space in the territory. The harijan and indigenous are the real subalterns, repressed by both the forward and backward. The so-called high castes have also exploited the backward communities. However, the territory as a whole, has been dominated by the Khas–speaking elites who exercise a monopoly in the state machinery.

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