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Press reports on the uprising in Lalgarh and its background

Posted by n3wday on June 13, 2009

lalgarh_uprising_indiaThis series of articles was put together by

Background material

Background article on Lalgarh movement by Partho Sarathi Ray
An introductory article on Lalgarh by Koustav De from Monthly Review

Chronological progression

May 31:

Hard times in Bleak Houses: How the women in Lalgarh eke out a living

May 3:

5000 villagers raze govt building in Salboni to keep cops out

April 25:

A Brief Report on the Adivasi Rally on April 24 at the heart of Kolkata – Koustav De, Sanhati
April 22:

Lalgarh agrees to elections on its own terms
April 12:

Report of the All-India Fact-Finding Team on Lalgarh

April 12:

Lalgarh movement: building infrastructure in the face of government apathy and terror – Koustav De. Journal
April 12:

Funds misuse at the root of Adivasi stir: Bankura DM
April 12:

Police and Harmad Vahini try to enter Lalgarh – a factfinding report
April 7:

Armed Lalgarh adivasis descend on KolkataViolence imminent in Lalgarh over pretext of holding elections – Koustav De

Purulia tribals march in solidarity with Lalgarh

March 23 – April 3:

Lalgarh people decide to boycott General Elections

Mar 21 2009:

Gorkhaland and Lalgarh: dialogues, parallels, and a challenge to mainstream parties

Lalgarh movement faces State terror – Koustav De

Feb 5:

Police camp shift demanded by tribals

Feb 2:

Violence in Lalgarh – overtones of a Salwa Judum style conflict? – Partho Sarathi Ray
Jan 29:

Lalgarh and a basic problematic of people’s movements – Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri
Jan 26, 2009:

Member of the People’s Committee killed while having tea

Jan 23, 2009:

lalgarh: An open letter to the rebels of Lalgarh from Shramik Sangram Committee[PDF, Bengali] »

Jan 12, 2009:

Damages announced for Lalgarh women – The Telegraph

Jan 8, 2009:

Tribals continue to boycott administration in Lalgarh – Expressindia

Dec 19:

Police back in Lalgarh, so are protests – The Statesman

Dec 14:

Lalgarh: probing the scale-down of the revolt and the need of the hour – Partho Sarathi Ray

Dec 7:

Lalgarh blockade stopped – The Statesman

Dec 4:

Ominous developments: impending two-pronged attack of the police and the CPI(M – Partho Sarathi Ray

lalgarh_new: A leaflet from Shramik Sangram Committee [PDF, Bengali] >>
Dec 2:

Lalgarh – nature of the movement, facets of impoverishment, bid for power, and the future – Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri
Nov 30:

Novel methods of participatory democracy and gender equality in Lalgarh; tribals elsewhere stand up; development issues resonate – Partho Sarathi Ray
Nov 27:

Indian Tribes after Sixty Years – A study by Walter Fernandes

Nov 26:

Agitation spreads to Birbhum – The Statesman

Nov 25:

We talk of patricipatory democracy, Lalgarh is practising it – Sumit Chowdhury

Nov 23:

The Charter of Demands, as circulated by the Peoples Committee Against Police Oppression – Suvarup Saha

Pictures from Dalilpur Chowk

Nov 20,22:

Violence in Bankura; venue of negotiations under contention – Mainstream media reports

Nov 19:

Mass meetings in Belpahari and Chakadoba; movement spreads despite negotiations – Partho Sarathi Ray

Nov 18:

Uprising spreads further, supported by migrant adivasis; CPIM stokes Bengali regionalist sentiments – Partho Sarathi Ray

Nov 16:

Peoples Committee Against Police Oppression formed, uprising spreads near Garbeta – Partho Sarathi Ray

Nov 15:

Spins of the corporate media, and the true story of Chotopeliya village – Partho Sarathi Ray

Some reports from mainstream media

Nov 14:

Movement spreads to Midnapur, Jhargram cut off – Partho Sarathi Ray

Nov 13:

Background of the movement – Partho Sarathi Ray.

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