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Nepal: Press Claims about Maoist Polibureau Meeting

Posted by n3wday on June 19, 2009


This article was posted on Telegraph Nepal.

Note from Kasama: The following report appeared in the press, concerning the debates taking places within the meeting of the Nepal Maoists top leading body, the politburo. We have no way of knowing if this report is accurate and what the specific lines under debate currently are. However we post this here because this speculation (even possible disinformation) from the press is of obvious interest to our readers.

Maoist favor Urban revolt for Peoples’ Republic


The nineteen page long political proposal forwarded by the Maoist Party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on June 16, 2009, at the Maoists party politburo meeting has been labeled as ‘status quoists’ by the majority politburo members of the party.

The majority politburo members of the Maoists Party ventilating their views on Wednesday June 17, 2009, said that the proposal forwarded by Chairman Dahal if accepted by the party would tantamount to be a betrayal to the revolution thus to save the revolutionary credentials of the party, a new forward-looking proposal is demanded.

Dahal proposal entitled “Current Situation and the role of the Proletariat” has also been termed as a document surrendering to the revolutionary ideals of the party.

Chairman Dahal proposal favors the formation of a National Government led by the Maoists party.
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