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Nepal: Press Claims about Maoist Polibureau Meeting

Posted by n3wday on June 19, 2009


This article was posted on Telegraph Nepal.

Note from Kasama: The following report appeared in the press, concerning the debates taking places within the meeting of the Nepal Maoists top leading body, the politburo. We have no way of knowing if this report is accurate and what the specific lines under debate currently are. However we post this here because this speculation (even possible disinformation) from the press is of obvious interest to our readers.

Maoist favor Urban revolt for Peoples’ Republic


The nineteen page long political proposal forwarded by the Maoist Party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on June 16, 2009, at the Maoists party politburo meeting has been labeled as ‘status quoists’ by the majority politburo members of the party.

The majority politburo members of the Maoists Party ventilating their views on Wednesday June 17, 2009, said that the proposal forwarded by Chairman Dahal if accepted by the party would tantamount to be a betrayal to the revolution thus to save the revolutionary credentials of the party, a new forward-looking proposal is demanded.

Dahal proposal entitled “Current Situation and the role of the Proletariat” has also been termed as a document surrendering to the revolutionary ideals of the party.

Chairman Dahal proposal favors the formation of a National Government led by the Maoists party.

However, Dahal’s detractors believe that to give a new height to the spirit of the Revolutionary Ideology the Maoists party must take to the path of attaining the objective of Peoples’ Republican order.

Sources quote Dahal’s detractors as saying that an urban revolt to attain the objective of Peoples’ Republican order should be the party strategy.

Two dozen Maoists leaders including, Mohan Baidya Kiran, Netra Bikram Chand, C.P. Gajurel, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Dev Gurung, Kul Prasad K.C., Gopal Kirati, Khadga Bahadur B.C., Devendra Poudel, Dharmendra Bastola and Hari Bhakta Kadel took part in the Wednesday’s meeting.

However, reports further add that Dahal’s sharp critiques-those who support Mohan Baidya, want to allow Prachanda revise his proposal.

“If Dahal ignored our request within stipulated time frame, we will be forced to bring in yet another proposal”, they add.

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8 Responses to “Nepal: Press Claims about Maoist Polibureau Meeting”

  1. Paul said

    Let us hope these discussions will lead the people of Nepal in the right direction.

    In this connection I would suggest having a look at the CPI(Maoist) Information Bulletin, Issue 2 with the interview of CPI (Maoist)spokesperson on a detailed version of their party’s view, which is on the net. The interview was given just after the elections in Nepal, but it is still relevant.

    I found their analysis of situation in Nepal really really great and comprehensive!!!!
    Here is the link:

  2. I would just like to say that the internal struggles within the Maoists are generally widely blow out of proportion in the press.

    Without seing the documents and knowing the discussion, its difficult to tell exactly what the critisisms are within th party, but from what i see and hear the document is too soft for the majority, and they want to push harder for the state.

    At any rate, these sort of disagreements are nothing new, the party has always had a very lively and lengthy interal discussions, and they have contributed to the success of the party.

    Dont at all think that this will lead to a split in the party, or an immeadiate change in leadership, but it will come out with new plans for the road forward, which will make thigns- at the least- very interesting.

  3. Paul said

    Dear Ben Peterson,
    You are absolutely right. The internal debates and internal struggle keep the communist party alive. As you said, this is not something new in the world history of communist movement – right from Russia to China and now Nepal, India, Peru, Philippines, Turkey and so on.
    I think the following declaration is relevant:

  4. emil said

    i think the nepali revolution is completely over, which i have been saying for a while, but unfolding events seem to confirm this. hate to say it, but rcp usa were right, but for the wrong reasons.
    paul- what is the right direction? back to a war they could not win? is the failure of revolution in nepal not also a failure of MLM?

  5. Arthur said


    The “unfolding events” are that both the UMLs and MJF are badly split with an important wing of the UMLs moving towards openly joining the Maoists and a majority of the MJF supporting alliance with it, while the Congress continues its disintegration and all the anti-Maoist parties completely discredit themselves in government forcibly reminding everybody how useless they were when the Maoists launched the people’s war against them.

    Meanwhile the Maoists are providing daily demonstrations that nobody can govern Nepal without them by shutting things down not just in the areas they previously controlled but also in Kathmandu and throughout the Terai.

    What precisely is it about these unfolding events that seems to confirm your previous belief that the revolution is over to you other than the fact that it remains your previous belief?

  6. emil said

    i would like to be proved wrong, i would love it. but i dont get the strong impression that the maoists have been contained. strikes are all very well, but they are common in many places, including india, latin america, south africa etc. this does not make for a revolutionary situation. i get the impression that you guys have more hope than analysis, but again i could be wrong. let us see… but if we are really scientific ( which we are not..) then what would count as the revolution failing? pla getting paid by world bank…

  7. RedDali said

    Emil, what do you think about the reports that the Maobadi are reviving their people’s governments in the countryside? These were used to open cooperatives, to seize plots of land from large land holders, to fight patriarchy and national oppression by warring with reactionary traditions and institutions, none of which benefits the World Bank.

    It seems to me that you are relying more on conspiracy rather than reality, and that you overestimating the ideological and political forces involved in the counterrevolution. You need to re-examine your method and approach to these events, and try not to look at movements as a homogeneous mass of reaction that is being funded by an evil guy who hides behind a desk, and gives out a villainous cackle while he signs checks to Prachanda. It’s deeper than that.

  8. emil said

    red dali- this is where i cannot go with you, especially when you talk about things like ‘revaluating your method’ etc. this sounds rather cultish, and seems like a complex way of saying ‘ you are wrong and i am right’. i think if the wb are paying off the pla, it may be possible that what you say is correct, but seems unlikely. i dont believe that mlm is really a science, and i think if the UN are in the country, then the revolution is probably over. but i hope i am wrong. this is also where i cannot go with you guys, when you talk about method, as tho you already have the correct method, even tho it has been completely unsuccessful. i feel i am more honest by talking about probabalities, and hope rather than a pseudo scientific method that already knows the truth. but i think you guys are going to have a problem if what i say is correct. IF i am right that the revolution is over, and this becomes more and more clear as time goes on, then your method will be proved wrong. if you were really scientific, you would admit this, but MLM is not really scientific. it is pseudo science and nothing can ever prove it wrong. so, i hope i am wrong and there is a revolution, but i doubt it. probabality, not method. likewise with the rcp. it seems highly unlikely to me that they will ever do a revolution in the US, it does not seem likely or probable.

    btw- did you learn this way of speaking from the rcp?

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