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Reports on Debates Within the UCPN

Posted by n3wday on June 30, 2009

strategy_tactics_UCPN_NepalThis article was published on Review Nepal.

Ideological differences heightened in Nepali Maoist

June 28th 2009. – Kathmandu, Nepal – ideological differences has been heightened in the united communist party of Nepal Maoist as party’s hardliner faction has strongly presented with demand to incorporate the portion of possible people’s revolt on the paper presented by party chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. Due to the differences the ongoing the politburo meeting has been put off on Sunday for a day with intent to minimize the differences and make the paper unopposed.

The hardliner faction led by party leader Mohan Baiddha has been demanding that the presented paper should be corrected by adding the possibility of people’s revolt as the party’s strategy. We are the Maoist ideologically believe on revolution to capture the state power, so we should not leave totally from the party line where as it would be needed on future said a leader preferring anonymity.

In the presented paper by the chair Prachanda the possibility of people’s revolt is not mentioned. According to the party source the next meeting to be held on Monday party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal is to answer the queries and criticism on his political report.
According to the source senior leader including party chair Prachanda, deputy leader of the parliamentary party Narayan Kaji shrestha senior leader Baiddha, Baburam Bhattrai and Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal are holding discussion to make the paper unopposed.

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    “The Maoists will not stop the stir until the fall of the illegal and unconstitutional government and the formation of the National Government”, he said at the PB meeting held in Koteshwor Kathmandu, June 29, 2009. “The next government should be led by the Maoists party”, Dahal added. The Maoist’ politburo meeting also passed Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s 19 Pages long political proposal with amendments that favour yet another revolt if the constitution is not drafted on time. With half of the politburo members (22 of 44) supporting senior leader Mohan Baidya Kiran’s proposal for revolt to form the National Government, Chairman Dahal was forced to incorporate the dissenting voices as well, reports add. Talking to journalists Dahal said after the meeting that after a long discussion the party has decided to form the National Government. However, Dahal did not disclose who will lead the Next national Government.

  2. n3wday said

    interesting. my understanding is that a few months ago kirans supporting factions was much smaller amongst the leadership of the party. this appears to be a positive development.

    [self edited note] (assuming the numbers offered in this article are in fact correct)

  3. Paul said

    Dear all,

    The internal debate that has been going on for a while between UCPN(Maoist) and CPI(Maoist) is made open now by the CPI(Maoist) for a debate world over. This is published by World Peoples’ Resistence Movement(Briton) in their web site.

    Open Letter to CPN (Maoist)

    Dear Comrades!
    We have been keenly following the recent developments taking place in your country, Nepal. With the CPN(M) emerging as the single largest party in the elections to the Constituent Assembly in April 2008 and the formation of the new government consisting of a coalition of several Parties, some of which are known for their anti-people, pro-feudal, pro-imperialist and pro-Indian expansionist past, an ideological-political debate has arisen in the entire revolutionary camp in India and the world regarding the path, strategy, and tactics pursued by your Party, the CPN(M), in advancing the revolution in Nepal. There have also been reports in the media concerning the proposal of your Party leadership to change the name of the Party by removing the term ‘Maoist’. All these make it all the more urgent to conduct a deeper debate on the ideological-political line pursued by the CPN(M), particularly after it came to power through elections, after a decade-long people’s war and forming the government with some of the arch-reactionaries who had earned the wrath of the Nepalese masses.

    To read the complete debate please click on the link below:

  4. Paul said

    Dear all,
    Please also read CPI(Maoists) statement condemning the conspiracies of the American Imperialists and Indian expansionists who are trying to crush the revolution in Nepal.
    The statement is dated May 5, 2009 however it is published on on June 29, 2009.



    Press Release: May 5, 2009

    The political crisis in Nepal is the result of Indo-US conspiracy!

    Oppose the attempts by Indian expansionists
    to meddle in the internal affairs of Nepal!

    People’s democracy can be established in Nepal
    only by smashing the old state!!

    Please read on:

  5. n3wday said

    Paul, if im not mistaken the statement you posted is an article we posted today which we titled, “CPI (Maoist) Internationalist statement on the recent turmoil in Nepal” (which is only a slightly less cumbersome title =) )

  6. Paul said

    Dear N3wday,

    I apologise, I didn’t realise that you have already posted it. It is good to know that the neighbouring Communist Party ie., the CPI(Maoist) is fulfilling its responsibility of proletarian internationalism by strongly supporting the revolution in Nepal, though critical of the leadership of UCPN(Maoist) on issues like disarming and demobilising of the PLA, abandoning the base areas and the great revolutionary achievements of the decade-long people’s war, policy of appeasement adopted towards Indian expansionism, and so on.

    I apologise once again, N3wday.

  7. n3wday said

    no problem =)

    we often add our own title for the sidebar to clarify what the article is, or to add a little political flare, then include the original title at the beginning of the article in its main body. it can be deceptive if you are looking for something specific.

  8. […] the UCPN to withdraw completely from the government. Over the past two months the UCPN has been engaged in intense debate over what their next steps are to be, and whether to include a “people’s revolt” […]

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