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India: Demonstrators arrested for condemning repression of Adivasis

Posted by n3wday on July 1, 2009


Thanks to Ka Frank for sending this our way.

Press Release

Joint Demonstration in Delhi Opposing Military Action and repression on Adivasis of Lalgarh was disturbed by Delhi Police

Condemn the Arrest of Peaceful Demonstrators

A protest demonstration was held today June 30th 2009 at A K Gopalan Bhawan against repression on adivasis at Lalgarh by security forces. Several intellectuals, students, youth and workers participated in the programme, organized by, Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), Naujawan Bharat Sabha (NBS) and several mass organizations.

Delhi police swooped on the protest demonstration in front of CPI-M office in Delhi against Paramilitary – police action on Lalgarh and arrested 21 activists and dispersed hundreds by using heavy force. The arrested have been detained in Mandir Marg police station. Four activists were injured. Some media persons were beaten up and manhandled.

Earlier in the morning a huge police force was deployed to prevent the protestors to gather at Bhai Veer Singh Marg where the All-India office of CPI(M)  was located in Delhi. The road leading to this office was barricaded and closed so that the demonstrators could not reach. Some protestors sneaked in through by-lanes and shopping complex entries. Then the police closed these lanes also. About 150 protestors reached the CPI (M) office gate and raised slogans against the police atrocities on Lalgarh people. A huge number of intellectuals, youth, students and workers not allowed to gather by the police by imposing prohibitory orders.

However groups of protestors at various corners condemned the joint Police paramilitary action of the Central Govt. and the CPM led West Bengal Govt. who have unleashed CoBRA, Eastern Rifles, Assam Rifles, BSF, and CRPF along with armed police of the state against adivasi citizens of the country. They have told the press that the police action was is in retaliation to the struggle of the adivasis of Lalgarh against police atrocities on them in November 2008. Expressing solidarity with the adivasis’ struggles, the protestors demanded:

Immediate withdrawal of Central paramilitary forces and West Bengal state police forces from Lalgarh and adjoining areas,

The Central Govt. and West Bengal Govt. initiate dialogue with the tribals on their demands for the political solution and immediately address the demands of the tribal people in Lalgarh,

Stoppage of harassment of women and children for refusing to be mistreated and exploited, and

Immediate steps be taken to end all sufferings of the tribals due to the actions of Central and state forces.

Protestors condemned Congress led UPA Govt. for unleashing the terror against adivasis through paramilitary forces and denounced CPM led West Bengal Govt. for its apathy for the conditions of tribals and continuing police atrocities over them during over three decades of its rule and refusal to negotiate with the adivasis on their issues attempting to suppress their movement against oppression and injustice.

Protestors also condemned the arrests of and FIRs against concerned and well known social activists and film makers who have tried to go among the tribal people of Lalgarh since the massive action of the security forces in the area and who have tried to open routes for a negotiated settlement with the tribals on their issues. The prominent social activists have been prevented to visit the region to hide the massive atrocities committed by the security forces and state police along with the CPI (M) cadre-goons on the tribal people in Lalgarh and the adjoining areas.

The protest was called by Naujawan Bharat Sabha (NBS), Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), while a number of democratic organizations and individual intellectuals of Delhi joined.

Later in the afternoon the arrested protestors were released.

(G N Saibaba)                                                                         (Dr. Mrigank)

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